How to Create a Memorable Wedding Video?

wedding video

Your wedding day is one of those things that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. The best you can do to keep those great memories of your special day, is to create a video. For this, you have two options. Option one, you can hire a wedding videographer who will capture the whole thing from start to finish – all the important moments. Option two, you can put some of your closest friends in charge of shooting video clips. Then, a professional can edit those files, and turn a 5-hour footage into an inspiring and beautiful movie-like video that you’ll treasure forever. Let’s check out some really useful tips on how to create a memorable wedding video.

How to Create a Memorable Wedding Video?

Choose a videographer

If you want your wedding video to be perfect to your taste, you’ll have to do a research and hire a right professional videographer. Sit down with few people and have a talk about the price, the equipment – stuff like that. It’s very important that the videographer understands what you want. You need to feel comfortable around the camera at all times – which means that you need to feel comfortable around the videographer as well. This will allow him to do his job, while you look natural and relaxed in front of the camera. Before you decide, make sure to check out some full-length video samples and compare the quality.

Be clear about what type of video you want

Once you hire a videographer, it’s time to talk details! The first thing to keep an eye on is what type of video you’ll want to create. Talk over some basic details like length, footage and sound. You might want to make some part of the video black-and-white or maybe with vintage effect. This will help the videographer to get the right equipment and pick the proper angles for shooting.

Decide on a wedding theme

The environment is important as well. To make the wedding memorable for you and for the guests, you can pick a theme. A properly chosen wedding theme sets the tone, and impacts how the video looks and feels on screen.

Make sure that the important moments are fully captured

wedding video

Image by: Ksenia (via Flickr)

Every wedding shares some of the same moments. No matter how unique you plan it to be, you can’t exclude traditional moments like best men’s speech and toast. Although not unique, they are very important to the story, and you must include them in the video. Here’s a list of moments:

  • Shots of the wedding’s location
  • Ceremony
  • Bride and groom’s first dance
  • Best men’s speech and toast
  • The wedding party

Pick the right soundtracks

The video soundtracks will play crucial role in how the story flows and looks. So, when picking soundtracks, you need to consider the footage and not just pick your favorite songs. Once again, this is something that you’ll need to discuss with your videographer. Always be open-minded and honest about your preferences.

Post-Production Activities

You have tons of options when it comes to how you want the video to look. A good video editor can make all your wishes come true. Valoso is a freelance platform where you can do just this! Within minutes, you’ll be able to find someone, and share your ideas about what type of video you want.

3 Creative Wedding Video Ideas

Wedding Video Trailer

No doubt that the original wedding video will be longer. But you can ask a video editor to create a shorter version in form of a movie trailer that will capture the highlights of the wedding. You can share this video with family and friends on the Internet.

Proposal Video

Although this is before the wedding, some couples hire a videographer to capture the proposal. Having a video of the proposal is incredibly sweet and rare. It’s a great piece of recording that you can use to make your love story even more appealing in the wedding video.

Wedding Music Video

Looking for a way to make everyone participate? Create a wedding music video! Just to be clear, this is not a short version of your wedding with a background music. It’s a video where people are actually playback singing – just like in music videos. It may sound complicated, but it is totally doable. Your videographer will get each of your guests on a tape singing a part of your favorite song. Then, all those parts will become one unique music video that you’ll never stop watching – ever!

Featured image by: Ian (via Flicrk)