TV Shows vs. Movies: Which Entertainment Media Will Prevail?

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The TV vs. movies debate has been going on for decades. Which entertainment media and technology has the grandest potential in the future remains an a unrelenting question in 2017. The argument between TV show bingers and movie buffs may never be resolved. Rather, let’s look into the question of whether TV shows or movies will have the most entertainment media influence in the future.

TV Shows: Pros and Cons of the Industry

entertainment media

Extended Storytelling

Most film production companies introduce sequels to keep audiences interested. On the other hand, the entertainment media and culture of TV shows offers build-in sequels, prequels, and overall extended storytelling. Audiences in today’s age love this consistency and expectancy. It brings about more investment in TV series vs movies for fans.

Wider Audience

Television penetrates almost every aspect of our lives. Parents occupy their children with their favorite TV shows, customers entertain themselves with the TVs at restaurants and bars, and many people watch TV on their smartphone nowadays in their spare time. Although movies may be just as ubiquitous, they are a more expensive and selective venture.

More Originality

Even movie lovers have to concur that TV shows present with more originality nowadays. Admittedly, entertainment media companies created and are planning several TV shows based on movies and books. However, the number of sequels, prequels, spin-offs, reboots, book-based, and TV show-based movies far exceeds that of TV shows.

Movies: Pros and Cons of the Industry

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More Iconic Actors

Although the reputation of TV actors is flourishing in 2017, movie stars will always hold a special place in Hollywood’s heart. One issue with TV actors is that their influence is often bound to their TV show’s fan base. On the other hand, many movie actors are well-known because of their diverse acting roles, not always because of a specific franchise.

Greater Revenue

This is a close one. Nowadays, TV shows bring in millions of dollars in profit, and they tend to sprout more organic entertainment media marketing than movies. However, the numbers don’t lie. The salary difference between TV vs movie stars, though narrowing, is still striking. Additionally, blockbuster films generate tens to hundreds of millions–even billions–of dollars.

More Power

Besides the money and star power, movies tend to have an overall greater influence on the world than TV shows. TV vs movie ratings in foreign markets tend to lean toward movies, while TV shows usually only succeed in a handful of countries. Perhaps sprouting from its introduction to society before TV shows, movies have more power in most aspects of production.

Which Entertainment Media Will Win?

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Film and TV show tech have both been on the rise, although TV tech may be growing at a faster rate. From 4K television sets to IMAX movie theaters, each industry is always coming up with new ways to improve the viewer experience. There is no denying that both entertainment mediums have left their mark on the pop culture of the 21st century.

However, after looking at the entertainment media trends, it appears that TV shows will dominate in the future. Here’s why: quick, hot, shareable topics rule in today’s world. TV shows drive a lot of talk on social media and forums, probably more than movies. This attention that TV shows receive on the internet is undeniable. Although movies will always be around, TV may just be the next big thing in the entertainment media network.

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