7 Recruitment Video Ideas to Help You Hire the Best Talents

Recruitment video formula
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A dazzling recruitment video is only one of the many uses for video in your marketing strategy. Video recruiting has become a more modern, engaging way of reeling in new employees and partners for your business. But, some businesses wonder how to make a good recruiting video, or smaller things like how long should a recruiting video be. Don’t get tied up on these questions.

One field recruiting videos have taken hold of is sports. For example, any sports business can make a baseball recruiting video or softball recruiting videos to increase membership in these sports. Other ideas include police recruitment videos or even a college recruiting video.

Bottom line, it does not matter what niche your brand belongs to. Online video recruitment is simply one of the easiest ways to expand your business. Read some of these recruiting video tips and watch a few of the best recruiting videos below to spark some ideas for your business!

Why Does My Business Need a Recruitment Video?

A recruitment video will bolster your business’s recruitment campaign immensely. Some of the best recruitment videos are employee testimonial videos. You can even try your luck with a funny recruiting video. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits your brand.

Recruitment videos
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These videos offer a huge help to your business in finding superb talent for the positions you are looking to fill. Too many scammers and unskilled workers hang around on job searching websites. With videos, you can identify exactly what you want in an applicant in an engaging way (not a long, boring job description to read). These videos inform potential applicants in numerous ways. Follow this list to make sure you are including the right information in your video.

Plus, skilled and adept workers will be enticed to check out your business over other businesses once you show your creativity, success, and positivity as a brand. Recruitment videos work as an advantage because, with the right promotion, you will find worthy applicants, promote your brand, and expand your business.

7 Recruitment Video Ideas

Making a recruitment video for your business does not have to be difficult. Take a look at these awesome videos that were easy to make, for example. Check out some more ideas below to get an idea of what direction you want to take when producing your own video.

1. Go behind the scenes.

Don’t go around labeling your brand with words. Show the viewer what it is actually like to experience your work environment. Share what goes on “behind the scenes” by describing the functions of your business and sharing what day-to-day life is like for your employees and clients.

2. Share a story.

Stories never fail to entice an audience. You can explore tons of angles when telling a story, too. Do you want to share the story of how your business was founded? How a customer felt after receiving your product? How an employee’s life was changed after he was hired?

3. Company culture.

If your business has been around for some time, it has probably developed its own culture. How do your employees interact with each other and with clients? Detail this in your recruitment video so potential applicants will be excited about your business.

4. Express music.

Choosing the best recruitment video songs can make or break a successful video. With music, you create an atmosphere for your brand. So, you might want to focus on finding good songs for recruiting videos, whether by purchasing them or writing them yourself!

5. Employee testimonials.

As mentioned before, employee testimonials are compelling because your audience gets real feedback from real employees who love your company. Seeing other ordinary people satisfied with their working experience stimulates job seekers to check out your successful business for recruitment.

6. Illustrate perks.

Why should a potential applicant join your team rather than that of another business? What unique benefits does your business have to offer? You can attract a lot of excitement and positivity for your brand by illustrating your perks.

7. Try something new.

360-degree video, live streaming, silent videos: there are tons of new video options and features to experiment with. Trying something new will not only show your business’s creativity, but will display how forward-thinking your business is.

If you are still struggling to know how to make a recruitment video, don’t worry. After brainstorming an idea for the premise of your video, you can count on Valoso for skilled video editors to create the perfect recruitment video for your brand. So grab a notepad, a camera, and your creative crew and get to work. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!