Vlogging 101: Benefits Of Adding Video To Your Website

Vlogging 101- Benefits Of Adding Video To Your Website

We all know that every business that exist online should have business blogs. Blogging has proven to be a great way on driving traffic to our website and in promoting our brand. But as the attention spans of our audience are getting shorter, it becomes harder for us to keep them engaged in our product. How do we overcome this marketing challenge? The answer to that is through vlogging.

Video blogging or also known as vlogging is the rising star of content marketing nowadays.

It is composed of a blog message, and visually appealing, animated images combined in one powerful medium.

It is a very effective method in establishing a connection and in building audience for your blog

In fact, study shows that the average internet users browsed more than 100 videos for a month and most of the content that had gone viral on the internet is in the form of video.

The other benefits of how a blog can help your business through vlogging:

1. Improved SEO Visibility
By making video a part of your marketing efforts, there’s no doubt it will improve your SEO rank.

A prestigious company Comscore, revealed that adding a professional video for business can increase your chance of a front page Google result by 53 times.

2. Grab Customer’s Attention

Of course, videos can certainly grab the attention of your customers better than text-based content. As what they have said, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Most audience prefers to watch an animated images while they comprehend your business or brand’s message.

3. Higher Engagement
Creativity beats it all. We’ve all heard how visually appealing content like images and infographics is a key to great engagement.

Tell you what? The video is not an exemption. In fact, an audience is 10 times more likely to engage, share, comment and embed your video on their blogs or social media channels than text-related posts.

4. Establish Emotional Connection
Like I said, videos let us establish an emotional connection to our audience. The dramatic scenery, the melody of music, expressions, etc are just some of the attributes that can influence purchaser’s decision making.

5. Increased Customer Conversion
Last but definitely not the least, videos converts more customers. Research shows that 71% of digital marketers say that video increases conversion rates than other marketing platforms.

Now, that you know the awesome benefits of incorporating videos to your business, the question now lies with how to create a fantastic video that can captivate the attention of your readers?

The good news is, Valoso is here on the rescue. We all know that as a business owner, you don’t have most of the time to shoot your videos, or if you might have, you don’t have enough time to edit it professionally.

So we at Valoso is here to help you create a professional video for your blog. You can easily upload your video clips or images in our online platform (powered by Dropbox) and hire a professional video editor to craft your video into a professional one.

A hassle free service, you call all the shots. Sets your own deadline, rate, instructions, and requirements. Most of all, we let you establish a professional connection with our best video editors for your professional videos.