How To Make Your Facebook Ads Stand Out

facebook ads

With video content taking over the marketing world, it’s essential for you to shape your advertising strategy accordingly. Since the majority of businesses don’t only have a presence on Facebook, but are also using the website as a leading tool for brand exposure, Facebook ads have now become invaluable.

Last year Facebook’s video traffic reached over 4 billion daily views, which placed it right after YouTube – not only in the views category, but also in the spending one. What’s more, the platform’s algorithm favors video, which makes  video advertising extremely powerful – especially for small businesses. Many companies produce and set up videos to increase their brand awareness, but are still unaware of a lot of the adjustments they can make that will potentially increase engagement and conversions.

How to set up effective Facebook ads

facebook ads

  • Choosing your target audience

Choose wisely! The real power of video ads on Facebook lies in the platform’s targeting capabilities. It’s always better to limit your audience and focus on a specific segment, rather than spreading yourself too thin. The well-targeted videos are much more likely to help you reach your goal. The Insights tool on your Facebook page is a great way to find out whether you’re attracting the right audience with your current content.

  • Structuring your video

“Get to the point already!” is a sentence your Facebook ads should never invoke in people. Make sure you catch you audience’s attention in the first 5 seconds. Don’t you think the “Dear Kitten” ad does that perfectly?

A good way to get to the point quickly is to start by telling people how you can solve their need. Don’t forget to add a call to action!

  • Don’t sell

The best ads never feel like ads. If you want people to care about your product, you need to deliver your message through humor or insightful information.

Hypothetically, if you were trying to sell a cleaning product, would the best idea be to tell people its ingredients and its price, or to give them some valuable cleaning tips?

Setting up your video ad campaign

Once you’ve shot your video, it needs to be edited and added to your ad campaign on Facebook. If you have the resources, you can do your editing in-house, but you can also outsource it to places like Valoso that make it super easy for you to have professional-looking content.

Setting up your Facebook ads is not a complex process and it can either be done through the Facebook Ad Manager or the Power Editor. Our advice is to use the Power Editor, because it provides more options for content and headline copy. Facebook has taken care of most potential causes for confusion by walking you through the entire process. It’s important to pay attention to your budget and pricing – be careful not to set a lifetime budget if that’s not what you want. Additionally, your video should be mp4 and maximum 1.75GB in size. Check out the Facebook ad guidelines to be certain your video fits into the platform’s rules.

  • Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first thing a user sees when he notices your video – in other words, they can definitely affect your views. Make sure your thumbnail doesn’t have more than 20% text, otherwise your ad won’t be approved.

  • Placement

Do you want your Facebook ads to be served on web, mobile or both? A lot of marketers advice against choosing desktop, as they’ve had the biggest success with mobile placement.

One of the biggest advantages Facebook has over other platforms is the sheer amount of data it contains about its users. This plays a major part in your targeting options, because you can get as specific as you want. To put it plainly, if you want to sell something to “a female Toyota enthusiast who enjoys running, sarcastic TV shows and National Geographic while eating a bowl of chocolate ice cream” – with Facebook advertising, you can.