10 Best Video Editing Tools for Video Editors this 2015 – Part 2

10 Best Video Editing Tools for Video Editors this 2015 - Part 2

10 Best Video Editing Tools for Video Editors this 2015 – Part 2

Following our recent blog post, we present to you the part 2  of our Top 10 Video Editing Tools for video editors this 2015.

We will provide you with more video editing tools options that are suitable for your budget, video editing requirements and preference. These video editing tools will help you craft your best video and demonstrate the full extent of your video editing skills.


  1. Cinelerra

If you are a Linux user, then Cinelerra is the perfect one for you. It has an intuitive manner and a relatively user-friendly interface. Even though you’re a newbie in the video editing industry, you can use it and create your own video. Cinelerra doesn’t require you to have an experience in video editing to be able to use and navigate the software. It has three sections to help editors organize their job namely: Timeline, Viewer, Resource Window and Compositor.


  1.  Pinnacle Studio

This is a widely used video editing software for Windows users because of its impressive features. It has a drag and drop feature for editing HD videos, timeline-based editing that supports up to 6 tracks, DVD authoring, a collection of royalty-free tracks and transitions and effects, free training ability for adding and blending sounds and music. Pinnacle studio has earned top position for one of the best video editing software for Windows.


  1.  Corel Video Studio

Corel also comes from the family of a popular graphic design software, CorelDraw. It is powered by 64-bit power, making it one of the most creative video editing tool for everyone. Its notable features includes variable speed in video editing, creating overlays and titles, multi-monitor support, DSLR enlarged mode and stop-motion animation. It also supports any video formats, including exclusive devices like iPad, DSLR and Smartphones.


  1. iMovie

iMovie is another popular video editing software for Macintosh users. Its notable feature includes synchronization of your Apple devices and it lets you edit your video either you are using an iPhone, iPod or iPad. It lets you edit your video at any time and place when you needed it. It has an impressive collection of transitions, drag-based interface and its notable feature of iMovie Theatre. iMovie Theatre lets you watch your movies and videos directly from Apple TV, with some fine tuning clips.


  1. Adobe Premiere Pro

From the creator group Adobe, this video editing software is immensely popular for Windows and Mac. Its notable feature is, of course, the integration of Adobe After Effects and Photoshop to your Adobe Premiere. It has a top-notch video masking features, superb transitions, multi-track editing, timecode display and NDE. There is no doubt that Adobe Premiere Pro is the most popular video editing software for Windows, Mac and Cloud users.


There you have it! We hope this 2 blog post series gave you a glimpse and idea about the pros and cons of video editing software on the market. Most of all, we hope it gave you an idea on choosing the best video editing software that is suited to your preference. What do you think of these reviews? We’d like to hear your thoughts by reviewing on the comments section below.