Facebook Trending Topics: How It Affects Your Marketing Strategy

Facebook trending topics

With access to the largest social network globally, Facebook trending topics advertising has become a crucial part of any brand’s marketing strategy. Recently, Facebook trending changed to make its process more automated. This could mean a lot for your business. So, let’s take a look at the new Facebook trending algorithm and how you can improve your Facebook trending marketing strategy.

Recent Changes to Facebook Trending News Topics

After users accused Facebook’s curators of selecting biased news, the company decided to introduce a Facebook trending feed based completely on computer algorithms. This change took place in late 2016. However, users have started to notice Facebook trending issues with fake news ever since.

As of 2017, Facebook has launched its trending news topics section again in hopes of rooting out fake news stories and introducing broader content to users. Facebook trending hashtags are now more influential in the algorithm. Additionally, instead of personalized topics, the website will now offer Facebook trending topics based on your region.

How to Market with Facebook Trending Topics

facebook trending videos

After the update, the influence of articles in the trending topics section is dependent upon factors like number of shares, engagement rates, number of authoritative links, and regional relevancy. Therefore, the key to ranking higher in the Facebook trending topics newsfeed is conforming to these new standards.

1. Higher number of shares.

Although this is a key to ranking, many Facebook pages find it difficult to obtain shares. First off, you must make sure that your content is shareable. Is it quick, informative, viral, relevant, or valuable in some way? A slipshod article about a generic SEO topic will not get as many shares as a 30-second video showcasing expert SEO tips in a creative way.

The next step to attaining more shares is asking your followers to share posts. Whether within the content itself or in your accompanying status update, encouraging your followers to share the post will, in fact, lead to more shares. Some people don’t even think about sharing your content until you ask them to; then, they’re on board.

2. Increased page engagement.

Facebook trending statistics judge the overall engagement on your Facebook page, not necessarily on a specific post. Pages that continuously put out spammy content do not receive nearly as many comments, likes, shares, and reviews as authentic brand pages do.

Undoubtedly, adding calls-to-action within your Facebook page will more effectively engage users. Most of all, producing valuable and relevant content with a friendly and human internet personality will generate more organic engagement.

3. More authoritative links.

After the abounding complaints against Facebook trending fake news, the social network became more strict with the authority of the content it presents to users. If your posts are not backed by authoritative webpages, the Facebook trending topics algorithm won’t hesitate to mark them as fake news.

As a result, implementing fundamental link-building techniques will give you more lasting authority on Facebook trending articles. You may think gaining more authoritative backlinks to your article is impossible, but some simple marketing and pitching will bear its fruits.

4. More regional relevancy.

Facebook trending topics

This should be a no-brainer: the content you publish on Facebook should relate to your target audience. If you are targeting Canadians, you will not rank in the trending topics if you publish content about European issues.

Furthermore, one idea is to research hot topics in your area and publishing content concerning these topics. This includes linking to authoritative external articles and linking to your own internal posts. Users’ Facebook trending news feeds are more likely to be filled with time-relevant posts than with topics that were trendy years or even months ago.

Wrap Up

Finally, paying attention to Facebook trending topics will allow your page to rank higher on social media. Facebook trending videos are particularly influential because of the power of video in 2017. Valoso can help you start your next successful video marketing campaign with our affordable freelance video editing and videographer services. Click below to receive a free quote from our team.