12 Types of Videos Businesses Should Use in 2017


It is now expected that video will account for 74% of all Internet traffic in 2017. No wonder businesses are trying to take the most of it. In fact, 70% of brands say that video is the most effective tool for content marketing.

Since this shift, many businesses have begun to adapt to marketing strategies containing videos because they show the best results. Yours should be next. Let’s look at 12 types of videos businesses should use in 2017.

Facebook Video

Over 100 million users watch millions of videos on Facebook every day. Facebook has a bigger potential for fast expansion of video ads than any other social media platform. 85% of videos that usually pop up on a user’s news feed or on product pages are played without sound.

Facebook video provides great targeting and it is tailored to suit a smaller group of people, thus personalizing the whole experience. While there’s a lot of low-quality videos uploaded to Facebook every second, some manage to stand out. Those that do often have specific traits. Apart from being visually rich, they either educate, inspire or entertain the audience.

This video from John Lewis department stores appeared on news stories of thousands of people. It gained a staggering number of 140 million overall views on the Internet.

Wallpaper Video

Wallpaper videos or landing page videos are the videos that appear on homepage backgrounds. They serve as a quick visual explanation of what a certain brand has to offer. Some of the benefits of using wallpaper videos are increased conversion rates and SEO. Also, the viewers get to see the application of the certain product in seconds.

Pre-Roll YouTube Ads

YouTube is hands down, the most important video-streaming social media platform. Not only does it affect the business realm, but in the last few years, it changed politics as well. The ads that are showing prior to the YouTube video are called pre-roll ads. Pre-roll ads are skippable after a few seconds, so the main goal is to draw the viewer in those crucial seconds and make him watch the ad until the end.

While most of the pre-roll ads come in as annoying and boring, some manage to draw the wanted attention. For example, this ingenious ad from Opel for its Opel Mokka shows how a clever spin on irritating ads can bring you conversions. With a little bit of out of the box thinking, you can do wonders.

Product Video

Making a one-of-a-kind product video can help you rank higher in search engines. Product videos should speak more than just about the actual product. We already covered ways to create excellent product videos, so let’s take a look at how a good video can help you bring in more sales. This extraordinary ad from Dollar Shave Club cost only $4500, but now it has more than 20 million views on their YouTube channel.

About Us Video

About Us videos serve as an introduction to a certain business. If a viewer can connect to your brand, half of the battle is won. Just make sure to tell the truth and smile. The previous video from Dollar Shave Club could be categorized as an about us video as well. Their wit helped them gain the wanted exposure with a little bit of humor.

Live Video

Live video became popular with Facebook Live. People feel a certain urgency to watch live content since it seems they won’t be able to watch it later. Periscope dominates the live stream market.

Nevertheless, Facebook is right behind them with one million monthly users. Your business can greatly benefit from live streaming, just like filming crews across America did during the protests against the new President-Elect.

Email Marketing Video

Holidays are a perfect time to send out personalized email videos. Business promotion during festivities will give you a 200%-300% increase in click-through-rate. The video from Evian shows that it doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to succeed in email marketing video strategy. With a little bit of creativity, anyone can make it.

Instagram Video

If a business posts Instagram videos, it can reach a very broad public. Not only do millennials use it, but older generations have started creating accounts on Instagram as well. Once you’ve fully grasped branded Instagram videos, it’s your time to reach your full potential.


Snapchat Video

Another app that can bring your business the visibility you wanted is Snapchat. With over 20 million users worldwide, it allows the users to watch short videos that get deleted after the stream. A lot of companies tried their luck with these fun videos. Here’s an example of how H&M made use of Snapchat to engage young Polish customers.

360 Degree Video

The percentage of people watching a 360 degree video was almost 30% bigger than for the exact same video in a regular format, according to Magnifyre.

What’s more, Facebook recently launched its 360 video that enables users to enjoy a completely new experience. They can immerse themselves into a full 360 degree virtual reality. Businesses could make use of this new approach and incorporate 360 videos to their marketing strategies.

Below is an example of a 360 degree video from Seoul’s Grand Park’s RollerCoaster.

Video Brochures

Video brochures are the modern greeting cards. All of the information you want to deliver fits on a simple card. These are great for demonstrating new products. They can also serve as an event invitation or an event summary.

Storytelling Video for Businesses

Online customers don’t like to read direct sales pitches. In fact, most don’t like to read at all! That’s why your business needs a storytelling video. We’ve already said that if you want people to feel the need to share your story, you’ve got to give them a reason to. Making a captivating storytelling video will win the hearts of your customers and make them come back for more.

Which types of marketing videos are you ready to try? There’s no doubt that businesses can vastly benefit from one of these types of videos. Contact us at Valoso and we’ll help you make the perfect video that will help your business prosper. Are you ready?