Top 6 Event Videos to Boost Engagement

Events are a great opportunity for customers to be in front of a product that interests them. As we mentioned previously in our event video marketing article, using event videos can often result in multiple benefits for your business.

Pre-event promoting videos can bring in attendees and eventually customers, but how do you keep them informed and involved in the event they witnessed?

The solution is to upgrade your marketing tactic with videos that are made directly at your event.

Live Stream Event Videos

A certain amount of people who want to attend your event simply won’t be able to do so due to distance or scheduling factors. Consider offering them a live broadcast to experience the event at their convenience. You can do it by posting on YouTube or taking advantage of the newly popular live stream on Facebook. That way the audience that was formerly unable to see the content is now able to watch it directly from their sofa.

For live streaming, try using multi-cams. A single camera will hardly capture the whole event. Also, the viewers can directly invite others to engage as the video continues. From that point on, the number of users watching your video can only increase.

Event Presentations

The speeches and presentations at your event should not only be streamed online but also filmed in high quality for later uses. That kind of content should be uploaded either to your website or to one of the video hosting websites like YouTube, Vimeo or Vidyard.

Customer Testimonials

Another way of using an event itself to create a promotional video is to gather short interviews from the actual audience. All you need to do is prepare the questions and start approaching people to hear their thoughts. The more people you interview, the more video you have. Later on, you can arrange the footage any way you want.

Typical client testimonial video:

Speaker Interviews

The customers will rely more on experts’ opinions rather than placing trust in opinions of random attendees. Try including longer  interviews from at least a few speakers at your event.

This practice can provide you with original and high-quality material to use in future promotions. Additionally, you can ask your speakers to tell a bit more about their own experience at your event. The content can subsequently be sent to future speakers to show them what they can expect.

Round Table Discussion

A discussion with experts will deepen the impact on the viewer’s initial viewpoint. It can also be streamed online just like the event itself. Furthermore, it will give your customers a broad insight into what you have to offer from more than one source.

Highlight Reels

Highlight reels are created from smaller pieces of video filmed during the event. A highlight reel is used to demonstrate the most relevant parts of the experience. It is usually a 2 to 3-minute video and serves as an informing tool to those who did not attend.

Here’s a great example of a video game event highlight reel:


You may have already hosted an event or are planning to do so in the near future. If so, be sure to incorporate event videos into the process. Your video can then motivate people to follow your work and eventually attend your events.