How to Make a Killer YouTube Intro

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If you watch a lot of videos on YouTube, you’ll probably notice that big part of them are starting with a short intro. This intro usually lasts somewhere between 5 and 10 seconds, and it goes a long way towards reaching high conversion rate and great campaign results. If you manage to introduce your brand in a fun and engaging way in the very first seconds, you’ll be able to catch your viewer’s attention throughout the entire video. When it comes to brand awareness and customer engagement, videos with good intros tend to be more successful and more effective. That being said, you should definitely create a short intro. But here’s the question: how to make a killer YouTube intro? And moreover, are intros worth the effort? Let’s find out.

Are Video Intros Really that Important?

are intros effective? (from how to make a killer YouTube intro)

Even if you have it all figured out, the message, the story and the vision for your YouTube video, you’re still one step away. This step is essential, and it covers a process of placing your viewers into a position to accept the message that your video is trying to deliver. And what’s the ideal place to hook your viewers? The intro, of course!

The introduction needs to engage the viewers, and give them a genuine reason to watch the video to the very end. It is a great place to show off your brand, who you are, and what you offer to potential customers. Although this is easier said than done, you should invest time and resources into creating a good intro.

If you manage to combine a great intro with catchy and engaging story that has value in the viewer’s eyes, you will be shared – a lot! Ultimately, more people will watch the video and get to know about your company, service or product.

How to make a Killer YouTube Intro?

how to make a killer YouTube intro?

Now that we know exactly what intro video should achieve and how beneficial it can be for you, let’s see how you can create one. There are many ways you can make an Intro for YouTube video, but here are the most popular ones:

  • Use a free YouTube intro maker like Biteable, which doesn’t require any technical knowledge.
  • Hire someone to do it for you, on places like Valoso, Fiverr and Upwork.
  • Do it yourself, with some video editing program
  • Use pre-made templates, that you can find on marketplaces like VideohiveVideoblocks and Editorsdepot

What you choose mainly depends on your budget, available time and skills. But generally, people either hire someone to create the video intro, or they use templates.

How to Hire the Right Person for the Job?

It’s best if you hire a freelancer to tackle this project. You will have the intro within days, and it won’t cost you much. Valoso is a freelance platform that exclusively provides video editing services. All you have to do is, register on the website and pick someone to work with.

What Are Video Intro Templates and How to Use Them?

These templates are pre-made intros that you can easily incorporate in your video, and customize as you see fit. There are tons of free and paid templates on the internet. But in order to customize the intro, you’ll need a software like Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas. By customizing, I mean be able to place your logo, name, slogan, etc. Here’s an example of good intro templates:

When downloaded in a raw form, the intro doesn’t do much for you. You need to be able to open the file, and follow some tutorials to make it your own. The downside to using this type of intros, is that it is not unique. Many other people might use it at the same time as you, and this can be a problem.

If you have the skills, you can make modifications and add your own taste to the intro. But if not, it all comes back to hiring someone to do this for you. Bottom line: if you’re looking for something truly original, think twice before deciding to use a pre-made video intro templates.

Tips for Creating YouTube Video Intros

Here are few useful tips for creating good intros:

  • Keep the intro engaging and short, no longer than 5 seconds!
  • Brand the intro by using your official logo, colors and slogan.
  • Be clear about who you are, and what you offer.
  • Give your visitors an idea of what they can expect to know or gain after watching the entire video.

Image credit: Joe (via Flickr)