10 Video Marketing Mistakes That Slash Your Profits

video marketing mistakes

You just spent $200, $2,000, or maybe $20,000 on video marketing but it did not do anything for your sales or brand awareness. No positive result at all. Why did this happen? Because something went wrong due to common video marketing mistakes.

When creating your corporate or advertising video, you must follow the structured plan. If you do not, your chances of success drop. Avoid these ten biggest video marketing mistakes to ensure you get your ROI for video marketing.

Top Ten Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid:

1. Poor Goal Definition

Can you easily fill out the following statement?

This video will help [this audience] to understand that our product/service solves [this issue] and provides [these benefits]. We will measure the success of this video by [this ranking tool].

If you cannot fill the first three missing fields clearly and briefly, your video will not receive any measurable results. And if you cannot fill out the last field, you will never know your results. Ignorance is the perfect recipe for losing profits on your video marketing efforts.

2. No Clear Message

If you know everything about your target audience, you’re able to communicate in an understandable and convincing way. Some frequently-repeated mistakes:

  • The video is only about you. Nobody except you will think and take care of you, but customers need to solve their problems.
  • B2N (business-to-nobody). If your message is so general that it can relate to everyone, it will not resonate with your audience. Be specific and precise. Choose a certain audience and tell one strong and brief message that matches their needs.
  • Word choice. Make sure your word choice for the video script is creative and easy to understand. Avoid using jargon that your target audience doesn’t know. Condense your points with actionable, specific words instead of droning on unclear explanations.
  • Too much to say. “I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” – Blaise Pascal. Brevity can be a difficult task, but in modern video marketing, the shorter means the better.

3. Audience Doesn’t Connect

If your video doesn’t resonate with the audience, how are you going to convert anyone? The message of your video should connect with the audience on an intuitive level. Videos can arouse strong feelings, but these emotions should only be used tactfully in your video to gain the audience’s attention.

Consider converting the key messages of your video (i.e., the benefits of your product or services) into a story. Storytelling is one of the most effective tools in digital media, and it’s easy to incorporate. This will help your audience connect with your video, and in turn your business.

4. No Pre-Production Planning

video marketing mistakes

An essential part of the video production marketing strategy is preproduction. Without proper planning, your video marketing strategy is a recipe for disaster. Planning includes brainstorming video ideas, outlining production arrangements, and mapping the course for your video marketing tactics.

Furthermore, shot lists or storyboards are great organizational tools for planning to production of your video.

5. Absent CTA

You must give your audience a clear invitation on what to do after watching your video. This is potentially the most poignant mistake that can steal away profits from your video marketing campaign. Ask the viewer to share your video, buy your product, visit your website, or use a coupon.

6. Inadequate Branding

Among the most common video marketing mistakes is inadequate branding. Your video should support the atmosphere of your brand and the mission of your company. If you have a marketing department or your brand is overseen by an advertising agency, cooperate closely with them when creating videos for your business.

7. Zero Creativity

Creativity is the life and breath of video marketing. The internet hosts an innumerable count of videos, many of them with similar motives as your video. To make your video stand out from the crowd, you must implement creative video ideas for production and marketing.

8. Low Budget

video marketing mistakes

The cost of high-quality video production has declined greatly over the past decade. However, you may still encounter production deficits if you don’t have a dedicated budget for video marketing. You want to make sure your level of video production is professional. Plus, free marketing is compelling, but it is not as effective as some paid endeavors.

9. Wrong Video Type

Make sure your video type matches up with the message and style of your video. Types of promotional videos can include pre-rolls, explainer videos, vlogs, and product demo videos. You will also want to pay attention to other video factors such as length, quality, and category.

10. Poor SEO

If your video is great, but no one watches it, it’s just a waste of money! An effective video marketing strategy involves optimizing your video for search engines. If you are unfamiliar with video SEO, do some research before publishing your video. The profits of your efforts will be multiplied as you find more interested viewers and potential customers.

Wrap Up

Falling into the trap of any of these video marketing mistakes can greatly impact your success. Investing in professional videography and video editing is a must to satisfy your audience and lead to real results. If you need video marketing or production help but don’t know where to start, check out Valoso.

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