24 Inventive Ways to Use Drones at Events [Infographic]

drones at events

The best drone ideas are those that bring on the future. Drones at events are a growing trend; one that changes how we interact within an event. Not only that, but drones are also excellent tools for engagement.

Furthermore, they can cut down on costs associated with surveying, marketing, and other endeavors. Check out our list below to learn creative ways to use drones at events.

drones at events


1. Mapping

Drones can survey a site, detecting geological elements by using LIDAR sensors. The drones will then formulate a 2D and 3D map of an area. Replacing traditional surveyors with drones can save you time and money. Use drones to map out your event locations in the future, making planning a breeze.

2. Delivery

You may have heard of Amazon’s quest to create the first commercial delivery drones. You can mimic this idea in your own event planning. Drones can deliver items to attendees at an event in a fun, inventive way. Or, if you live in the UK, you can test Amazon’s Prime Air service to have last-minute goods delivered to your event.

Keep in mind, the FAA’s current regulations currently do not allow for drones to fly out of the pilot’s line of sight or to fly directly over people. However, as drones become more powerful, the FAA is working with individual companies, such as Amazon and UPS, to create regulations for unmanned aircraft deliveries.

3. Telecommunications

Drones can serve as mobile hotspots. If you want your event to have boosted internet speed or network connection, consider a drone hotspot. Your attendees will greatly appreciate the added range. Similarly, Google is working on Project Skybender—a solar-powered drone offering 5G internet.

4. Location services

Drones can serve as GPS navigators. You can track any moving thing with a drone, as long as it stays in a line of sight. For instance, you can track a safari tour Jeep to ensure safety at an event. Or, you can follow a drone on a sailing exploration.


5. Cinematography

Drones are well-known for their stunning aerial footage. Now, you can capture your own aerial footage and other unique shots to promote your event. If you already have a video camera, you can always purchase a drone that allows for exterior camera attachment.

6. Photography

Similar to cinematography, drones can capture breathtaking photographs of your event. Using drone media sets your event apart from the crowd. Or, you can set up a “drone photo booth” for guests. Why use a selfie stick when a drone can take a picture for you?

7. Virtual reality

Drones are sensational VR tools. You can use them to capture a 3D plane of your event location. Then, convert this into a VR experience for your audience. Drones allow you to thoroughly capture shots to produce an immersive VR experience. If you are unfamiliar with VR, experts, such as those at Valoso, can help you plan and set up the equipment for your event.

8. Documentation

Documentation is one of many drone footage ideas. You may document your event for several reasons—research, security, marketing. Set up drones at your event to record key angles, such as the entrance door to document who attended, or the wedding altar to remember the special moment.

9. Live streaming

One of the best ways to use drones is to combine it with other modern technological concepts. Live streaming is one of these potent trends. Live stream your event from the eyes of a drone. This way, the live stream viewers can “move around” within the event and truly feel like they are attending.


10. Tours

Drones can introduce virtual tours for your potential attendees. Location can be one of the most enticing factors of an event. Consider sending a drone to give a tour of your event or its location, backed up by informative audio.

11. Planning

Drone event technology has developed to simplify the planning process. Let the drones do the research (i.e., “How many people can fit here?,” “Where are the bathrooms located?,” “What size of curtains will I need?”). This streamlines event planning and cuts down on labor costs from otherwise manual jobs.

12. Exploration

Need to find sites to host your events? Use drones to explore different areas. Drones can be used to roam locations and detect the best areas to host an event. Drones may provide a greater insight to your potential event location than manual exploration.

13. Raise awareness

Raising awareness for a cause with technology trends and raw footage can be more effective than traditional techniques. Eco events can especially benefit from this use of drone technology.

14. Education

Event attendees are always excited to learn about the future. Consider hosting a drone workshop at your event. Teach your guests the basics of how drones work and how to operate them. Using drones for education is an effective way to skyrocket engagement.


15. Inspection

Because of their size and versatility in movement, drones can scope out hard-to-reach areas. Drones at events, especially outdoor events, can inspect questionable areas to ensure safety, such as a ledge or an attic.

16. Surveillance

Drones at events can be used as security cameras, but with more versatility. Surveillance is one of many innovative ways to use drones. Since drones can monitor an event, if something looks out of place, the pilot can follow the target, take a closer look, and even emit a warning.

17. Natural safety

Especially if you are hosting an outdoor event, drones can secure climate information to determine the safety of the location. This comes in handy in areas that are susceptible to earthquakes and tornadoes. Drones can monitor the atmosphere before and during the event, and even detect for air quality, potential rainstorms, and temperature changes.

18. Detection

Drones equipped with sensors allow for rapid and convenient detection. These drones can detect anything from weapons and drugs to rogue drones. Furthermore, thermal imaging drones can expose people who may be a threat. In less dramatic measures, drones can detect mistakes at your event before it even starts, such as a missing placemat or an empty beverage cooler.


19. Racing

Drone racing is a fun, safe, and thrilling entertainment stunt performed at many events. If you are looking for an interesting way to pass time at your event, drone racing is the way to go. Rent some drones to race by professionals, or encourage attendees to bring their own drones to race.

20. Comedy

Technology is always used to entertain crowds. Just think of the jumbotrons at sports events. You can attempt similar stunts to deliver laughs to your guests. Some ideas include people-scoping, hilarious drone “performances,” or drone footage with comedic dialogue or captions.

21. Combat

Although not as popular of a sport as drone racing, drone combat is another surefire way to enthrall an audience. Combat requires specific drones, ones that are built for bashing into each other. Purchase or rent drone combat equipment to make for an exciting event.


22. Highlights

Drones are great tools for covering the highlights of your event. Without them, you are limited to video cameras on the ground. Drones can be placed in strategic places to capture compelling footage for event marketing. Planning drones for only highlight moments can cut down on costs and editing time.

23. Sponsorship

Looking for new ways to use drones? Instead of placing sponsor logos on tote bags or T-shirts, put them on your event drone. Pitch to sponsors who want creative and effective promotion of their brand. Drone sponsorship will pique the interest of your crowd.

24. Event promotion

Drones at events are great promotion tools for event managers. Telling your audience that there will be a drone at the event may increase attendance. Or, saying drones were used will give your business a more techy brand presence.

What’s Next: Drones at Events

Drones at events amplify engagement, slash costs, and offer creative solutions to common event problems. If you want to brand your company as forward-thinking and tech-oriented, use drones at your next event. Not sure where to get started with drones? Fill out the contact form below and we can help.

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