The World’s Response – 10 Countries Weigh in with a Donald Trump Video

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Are you feeling like you couldn’t possibly watch another Donald Trump video? From Huffington Post and the New York Times, to Buzzfeed and Fox News, our newscasts and social media feeds are packed with the drama of the last few weeks. Protests, bans, alternative facts, insults, diplomatic blunders, we’ve heard it all. Maybe it’s time to take a break from the daily blather and see what the rest of the world is saying about America’s recent shift from shining democracy to idiot nation.

The US has been going through a shake-up and the world is watching. With America’s citizens divided and in turmoil, and with international diplomacy in a coma, the US is now under the close scrutiny, and often ridicule, of countries across the globe. Hopefully, watching our crumbling constitution from the eyes of the world will jolt us into action. Let’s see what they have to say:

“America First, Switzerland Second!”

The second video in a series of Donald Trump parody videos, Switzerland, along with five other European nations, developed an introductory video for President Trump about their country. If America is going to be first, as the POTUS states, then they want that Number 2 slot! Narrated in a Donald Trump parody voice, this video highlights what’s best about their country in true Trump fashion. What they have to say speaks volumes. And now creating a Donald Trump parody video is the new rage.

Mexicans Offended. Again.

Unfortunately, this has been going on for a while – certainly since the first mention of the wall. Now the US President insists that he will make the Mexicans pay for it. Maybe the new POTUS has forgotten that there’s a reason Mexico is one of our strongest allies and trading partners. Despite our solid relations in the past, Mexico makes it clear once again that they will have absolutely nothing to do with the wall.

Australian Prime Minister Pretends Nothing Happened

While many Americans may be trying to act as though nothing substantial has happened in our government, the ever mannerly Prime Minister Turnbull full out denied having a hostile conversation with President Trump. He brushed it aside, even as stories were flying about Trump’s refusal to honor an agreement with Australia to help refugees, which in the Potus’ words, was a “dumb deal”.

Russia? Not So Bothered

Russia hasn’t gotten so much worldwide attention since the candidacy of a certain avid fan of President Vladimir Putin started hitting the news. There’s certainly more than one Donald Trump video featuring him praising Russia. Not surprisingly, many Russian view points are positive towards America and Trump as the POTUS. “He is good for Russia.”

Canada Reacts to Travel Ban with Class

Another close ally and neighbor thoroughly disgusted with us, Canada, has chosen the high road. If America will shut its doors to suffering refugees and immigrants, who are only trying to attain the American dream just like all our ancestors, then Canada opens new doors.

The Netherlands Parody Rips POTUS

Done in the same Donald Trump video impersonation style as the Swiss video, the Netherlands’ introductory video welcomes President Trump to their country. Included are hilarious allusions to one of its neighbor’s “fake language”, summing it up with, “We have the best words.”

Over a Million in the UK Petitioning Queen to Snub Trump

A petition to Queen Elizabeth II to refuse President Trump’s planned state visit was signed by over 1 million protesting citizens. British politicians hold that the visit will go on. Still, it’s hard to imagine our flamboyant POTUS meeting with a distinguished, royal ruler of sixty-five years…what will they talk about?


“Why Would You Ban Us – We Help You Fight Isis?”

Iraq’s initial response to President Trump’s seven-country ban on immigration was simply put, Why? Soon after, they repaid the favor, and banned all American immigrants from their country. This retaliatory measure drives home the point that many of the POTUS’s policies are downright inflammatory to even our staunchest allies.

One Iraqi immigrant, who was detained due to the ban, Hameed Jhalid Darweesh, aided the U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq as a translator. Looking uncomfortable with all the attention, he did not question the ban but praised America and its leadership. Of course, he REALLY doesn’t want to get sent back.

Iran – Not Today

Commentator Dorsa Jabbari tells of the shock her nation is feeling because the POTUS actually carried through on his threat to ban immigrants. She said they were all very concerned with what this ban could mean for their people. Right now, those vetted to enter the United States from Iran have already waited a year or more, many of them having extended family awaiting in America. The strong message from Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was, “Today is not the era to build walls between nations.”

Yemen Tragedy

As if the travel ban was not insulting and damaging enough to this war-torn country, where roughly 80% of the population is in need of humanitarian protection or assistance. President Trump’s first military act targeted Al-Qaeda operatives in Yemen, killing 14 Qaida fighters and one US combat personnel. According to this Yemeni news source, 10 civilians, including women and children, were also killed. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is shown here, stirring the pot some more against Trump and his ‘successful’ raid. She speaks Yemeni an immigrantviral videosvira whose mother remains one of the 21.1 million displaced people in that country today.

It is a good thing that we have freedom of the press in America. And the Internet has enabled us to have more of a world view than ever. Let’s listen to our neighbors far and wide and hold our government accountable.

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