How Video and Audio Quality Translates into More Conversions for You

video and audio quality

You have heard it before: video and audio quality can make or break your video content. But what is the reasoning behind this conclusion?

In this day and age, every business, no matter how tight their budget, has access to a good quality video camera. If you do not believe that video quality monitoring is worth it, let this article try to convince you.

Why Quality Boosts Conversions

Why does better quality equate to more conversions? Some of you might think this question is self-explanatory, but let’s delve more into the logistics of it.

Better Brand Perception

When a viewer sees your high video and audio quality, they regard your brand professionally. Furthermore, high video quality standards lead to a more positive brand perception. This positive perception will engender more conversions, as new viewers will be more inclined to trust your brand right off the bat.

Clearer Communication

Poor video and audio quality distract the viewer from what you are trying to get across. Rather, when your high definition content amazes the viewer, their ears are more open to what you have to say. In fact, quality can be the key to getting the viewer to stick around long enough to even listen to your call to action.

Increased Shares

Unless the video is absolutely sensational, nobody wants to share a grainy, low-quality clip with their friends. When a video is clean and crisp, your viewers are more likely to trust your video enough to share it on social media.

Furthermore, YouTube video and audio quality can determine your conversion success, as YouTube is key to any video marketing campaign.

How to Improve Video and Audio Quality

Now that you understand the important role quality plays in conversions, learning how to sharpen video quality is your next step. Follow the basic tips below to improve your content quality.


Hosting your video on a third-party website is your best bet when it comes to maximizing quality. Self-hosting your own videos is a recipe for potential issues with buffering, cumbersome coding, and other conversion and playback problems.

If you want simple video quality improvement, always host your videos on professional platforms like YouTube. This way, you won’t have to do any of the code work and your viewers will be more familiar with the video playback.

Video Camera & Microphone

video and audio quality

To find a comprehensive list of the best video cameras of the year, check out authority lists like Lifewire or BorrowLenses Blogs. Unless you rent, investing in an inexpensive camera is worth it.

As for microphones, the microphone attachment on your camera will not be enough to produce pro audio quality. Choosing a good camera microphone is a better idea and is relatively easy to accomplish. You can usually find a good one for under $100.

Video Editing

The next important video quality booster is editing. Most people have a basic understanding of video editing on iMovie or Windows Movies Maker. However, to achieve pro quality standards, hiring freelance video editors will make your video projects all the more effective. Proper video editing is crucial to establishing your pro quality.

How to Maximize Conversions

Having high video quality on YouTube will unlock the potential for more conversions. However, you must also develop the right marketing tactics to lock in as many conversions as possible.

1. Include calls-to-action.

Calls-to-action can be placed throughout a video, not just at the end. You can ask the viewer to follow you on social media, sign up for your email list, or share your product link on Facebook. Whatever you choose, make sure to approach your call-to-action with viewer-value in mind to maximize your video conversions.

2. Keep it short and to the point.

video and audio quality

Every marketer knows shorter videos perform better on the internet. Introducing longer, more informative videos may give your brand more authority, but starting off your marketing strategy with short videos will maximize conversions. Keep your clips to the point so new viewers will want to stick around till the end.

3. Use your videos on multiple platforms.

Videos aren’t only for YouTube or Facebook. You can insert your videos into your website, blog, or landing page. Additionally, you should share your videos on all your social media accounts. The more places you distribute your videos, the wider audience you will reach and the greater chance you will have to achieve more conversions.

Wrap Up

High video and audio quality will give your brand the reputation it deserves online. All you need to do is make the necessary changes to increase your video quality numbers. If you need help finding the right video equipment or video editing, Valoso can help. Click on the banner below for a free quote for your next video project.

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