How Many of These Event Marketing Mistakes Are You Making?

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Marketing an event takes a lot of practice. You have to do the right research to reach the right people, then somehow convince these people to attend your event. Event marketing can be a challenge without the help of companies like Valoso. However, you can minimize your stress by avoiding the following event marketing mistakes.

1. Using Unreliable Data

event marketing mistakes

When it comes to marketing an event, quality data is important to promote to right audience. No matter where you retrieve your data, you must ensure that it is up-to-date and reliable before using it in your strategy.

Be wary of poor data that is labeled “high-quality.” Many services try to sell you on data and analytics that are easily accessible on the web. To determine if your data is reliable, check with the reviews of your data services.

For example, if you use Facebook to obtain most of your data, do some research to determine if event marketers value Facebook’s data.

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2. Failing to Plan

event marketing mistakes

Some marketing tactics that can be crafted and delivered within a day; events marketing are not one of them. To achieve your brand’s objective, you have to ensure that you plan each and every step you are going to take down to the letter, leaving nothing to chance.

Among all event marketing mistakes, failure to plan is probably the most common. Without proper planning, any event marketing campaign is expected to fail. Create a timeline for your event, leaving ample time to ensure that you have the resources needed to execute your event flawlessly.

PRO TIP: Start planning for your next event at least one month in advance.

3. Casting a Big Net

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Many events do not achieve their desired goals because they targeted everyone instead of focusing on specific demographics.

In most cases, more than 50% of customers want personalized interactions, but this might not be possible. So, it is wise to aim your efforts and resources to a specific part of your audience. Doing this will make your event more purposeful.

Write down everything you know about your ideal event attendee, then promote your event to this audience. This will help you know where to most effectively share your event.

PRO TIP: Do your own market research through social media.

4. Handling an Entire Project Yourself

event marketing mistakes

It can be very demanding to juggle all the responsibilities that are associated with planning and hosting of an event. Seeking experts to help you organize your event is a great option.

When you allocate an important task to people who are proficient, nothing is likely to go wrong. Even if you have a tight budget for your event, hiring additional help may be worth the investment. You will achieve a better event in return as well as free up time to handle the tasks that you cannot delegate.

PRO TIP: Hire freelancers to obtain high-quality, flexible work.


No matter how many of these mistakes you have made in the past, it is time to change. Avoiding event marketing mistakes comes easy when you do your research and get additional help from event marketing services.

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