Facebook Popularity Around the World: The Surprising Stats

facebook popularity

Facebook popularity worldwide may surprise you. The social network startup was founded in the United States all the way back in 2004. A Facebook popularity chart by Statista reveals that the company has achieved global rankings on the internet. Let’s look at some of the interesting stats surrounding Facebook popularity rates in 2017.

The Top Two Countries for Facebook Users

India and the United States have the most Facebook users out of any other countries by a long shot. Even though the social networking site was established in Massachusetts, Facebook popularity in India trumps that of the U.S. Knowing this fact may influence what topics you post about on Facebook.

Facebook popularity statistics 2017 estimate that the U.S. has 214 million Facebook users, while India accounts for a whopping 226.5 million users. The gap of over 12 million attests to the fact that Facebook is a worldwide phenomenon.

The Surprising Second Two Countries for Facebook Popularity

facebook popularity

Many people would guess that the countries in third and fourth place on the Facebook popularity graph would include Canada, European countries such as the U.K., or perhaps Mexico. In actuality, Facebook popularity around the world triumphs in Brazil and Indonesia.

With approximately 91 and 87 million users respectively, the Portuguese- and Indonesian-speaking countries have shown impressive Facebook popularity over the years. Admittedly, these numbers come nowhere close to the hundreds of millions of users that confirm the Facebook popularity ranking in India and the U.S.

The Rest of the World

The next two in line are China, with 54 million users, and Mexico, at about 50 million. Then, countries between 20 million and 40 million Facebook users descend as follows: the Philippines, Germany, the U.K., Turkey, France, Japan, Italy, Canada, and Spain.

However, focusing only on the number of users doesn’t give the whole story. For example, Canada’s 22 million users may pale in comparison to the United States’ 214 million. However, Canada’s population is about 11% the size of the U.S. In reality,  Facebook popularity in Canada surmounts any other social network in the country.

Furthermore, China may have tens of millions more Facebook users than Canada. However, Canada’s usership accounts for over half of the country’s population, while less than 5% of the population in China have Facebook accounts. The projected growth for Facebook in the Chinese market is not significant, either.

Social Media Target Marketing

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Choosing the right social media to promote your brand is essential to building a following. Take into account all the numbers relative to where your target market lives or works. Additionally, determine if the Facebook popularity measure in these areas is large enough to be an effective marketing tool.

For instance, if your target audience lives in the United States or India, your business will likely suffocate without a Facebook marketing strategy. However, if you are trying to reach people in Russia, a different social network, like VK, is a better bet.

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