YI Halo: Virtual Reality Camera for Google Jump

yi halo

Following Facebook, Google introduced the next generation of its professional panoramic stereo camera for the Jump VR platform. The new model is called Yi Halo. Chinese company Yi Technologies (one of the main partners of Xiaomi) and Google combined for the creation of this revolutionary gadget.

Main Characteristics of Google Yi Halo

The first model of Google VR cameras used 16 GoPro cameras. Google designed it for shooting video and subsequently merging content into spherical videos. The new Halo model consists of seventeen cameras by Yi Technologies. Sixteen of them are located in a circle at the same distance, and another one is installed on the top. Visually, the new generation of Google Jump looks like an original device and is based on compact Yi sports cameras,, supplemented by a small display.yi halo

The setup is capable of shooting stereoscopic video with a resolution of 8K at 30 fps, or 6K at 60 fps. The gadget stores information about the depth of the video and it can come in handy when processing material to create a 3D effect. Like last year’s model, the new Halo uses the company’s specialized Jump Assembler software to create seamless high-quality panoramic videos with a 360-degree viewing angle.

yi halo

The gadget weighs about 3.5 kilos. There is a battery with the ability of a quick replace ment and 100 minutes of continuous shooting. Unlike the panoramic Facebook cameras, Yi Halo makes it easy to notice the damage of camera modules and replace it during shooting. You can control the device in two ways: using the built-in touchscreen, or a smartphone on Android (via the accompanying app). The Wi-Fi module provides the ability to control the gadget at a distance.

Jump Start Program

Google recently announced the launch of the Jump Start program. It allows applicants to apply for one of the Halo cameras to shoot their own material for free. All applicants must submit their applications before May 22, 2017. Google will select the lucky winners and give out more than 100 Halo sets. Of course, the systems will be provided only for a specific time period. To be precise, for two months, after which everyone must return the device. Yi Halo sales will start at the end of summer. But first, everybody who wants to purchase it should start collecting a substantial amount of money – Google Yi Halo price is $17,000. For comparison, the main competitor of Yi Halo, GoPro Odyssey, costs $15,000. Another professional VR-camera, Nokia OZO, also has a ‘professional’ price – $40,000.

Well, it seems that Google managed to create a really worthwhile device in cooperation with Yi Technologies. The beginning of official sales will show its real efficiency and expediency; so far, all the impressions about it are based only on the description of the manufacturer and advertising slogans.

Valoso will make a detailed review of this gadget as soon as it goes on sale! So stayed connected with us to learn the latest news in video production.

yi halo