10 Most Popular Types of Events for 2018

popular types of events in 2018

2017 left a legacy of event marketing for all types of businesses. By analyzing the most popular types of events from 2017, we can predict what to expect in 2018 for event marketing. If you are struggling to come up with an event idea for your business or simply want to plan for 2018, keep reading.

1. Company events

These popular types of events include company parties, get-togethers, milestones, awards, and even getaways. Company events improve brand perception and strengthen your company culture. In 2018, businesses who do not reward their employees and loyal customers with an event of their own can hardly expect decent recognition in the niche.

Main Pro: Strengthens the bonds that make up your company.

Main Con: Typically not profitable.

2. Product launches

Product launches are one of the most popular types of events because they are a growing trend. If you have a cutting-edge new project to share with your consumers, hosting a product launch event is a great way to get the word out.

Main Pro: Increases sales of your new product.

Main Con: Inaccessible to companies that do not create products.

3. Conferences

Similar to a seminar, conferences are intended to contribute speakers and provide actionable learning to the audience. Conferences typically last longer and are often at a larger scale than seminars.

Main Pro: Likely to attract traveling consumers.

Main Con: Larger scale, not the best for startups.

4. Press conferences

popular types of events

Press conferences give your brand the media traction it needs to move forward. If you have exciting news, product launches, or new developments, hosting a press conference can build your repertoire as a company. To get started, create your event then find interested journalists and industry reporters to attend.

Main Pro: Increases media publicity.

Main Con: No direct interaction with consumers.

5. Seminars

According to Google, a seminar is a “a conference or other meeting for discussion or training.” Seminars are the perfect opportunity to hook your audience. If your seminar provides real, unique value, then attendees will remember their experience and always value your brand as a leader in the industry.

Main Pro: Built-in value for your audience.

Main Con: Limited to one location.

Plus, live streams are among the top 11 trends to plan for in 2018:

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6. Live streams

Live streams are certainly among the most popular types of events for 2018. They have been trending for years now, but brands keep coming up with fresh ways to add them to their marketing strategies. You can host live streams on a variety of platforms, from paid live video services to free social networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Periscope.

Main Pro: Cost effective, high attendance globally.

Main Con: No in-person interaction with the audience.

7. Networking events

Networking events also brand your business as an industry leader. By connecting small businesses, leaders, students, and more, you can create an effective and profitable event within your niche. Not only can you host a networking event, but you can participate in one to create new partnerships and deals for your company.

Main Pro: Provides highly social atmosphere.

Main Con: Retaining focus on your brand may be difficult.

8. Conventions

popular types of events 2018

Contrary to popular belief, conventions do not have to be held on a large scale. Any business, big or small, can host a convention to bring together niche consumers. If you do not want to host a convention of your own, consider attending one in your industry and setting up your own booth.

Main Pro: Generates buzz organically.

Main Con: Requires many attendees in one location.

9. Webinars

Webinars are the equivalent of combining live streams with seminars. They are a seminar held over the internet, typically presented with the help of powerpoint software. With the right software, an interactive webinar is the perfect way to connect with your consumer, all while saving the costs of hosting an in-person seminar.

Main Pro: Open to a global audience.

Main Con: Sacrifices in-person interaction.

10. Banquets and balls

popular types of events

Banquets and balls may seem dated events, but tradition holds true. More businesses have been holding dinners and dances to entertain their consumers and employees. These events can certainly be profitable while providing your audience with an enjoyable experience. As long as your banquet or ball enhances your brand perception, go for it.

Main Pro: Provides enjoyable, pressure-free experience.

Main Con: May not fulfill marketing objectives.

How to Implement Popular Types of Events in 2018

Now that you have several ideas under your belt, it’s time to incorporate these popular types of event into your 2018 marketing strategy. Even if your business has never hosted an event before, it is never too late to start.

To begin, think about which of these popular types of events would best fulfill your company’s mission. For example, if your goal is to strengthen your team’s morale, some sort of company party or team-building event would work. If you want to secure your position as a leader in the industry, consider hosting a conference.

Get your team together and discuss the idea of hosting events. Establish a schedule and delegation for planning, promoting, and executing your events. Determine who will be in charge of what and whether or not you should hire an event organizer:

A Guide for Event Managers: Planning the Perfect Event


Companies that host events in 2018 will triumph over those who don’t. They will develop a stronger standing in their niche, a closer bond with their consumers, and more leads and conversions. If you want to stand out in 2018, consider the most popular types of events listed above and how your company can implement them in a creative way.

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