23 Youtube Video Ideas to Help You Create Viral Videos

As we might have mentioned before, viral videos are not rocket science – but they do take effort and dedication. There are plenty of good YouTube video ideas you can come up with, but the most important thing is to execute them correctly – otherwise, people won’t find your videos interesting or they won’t find them at all.

To help you out we’ve prepared a list of 23 video ideas for YouTube that you can use on the road to creating your first viral video. Just don’t forget: it takes time! Some people do succeed immediately and without even trying that hard, but those people usually have no idea what to do next. This is why it’s better to have plenty of ideas before you start – and that’s what we’re here for! Think of us as your YouTube video idea generator!

best YouTube video ideas
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23 YouTube Viral Video Ideas for Your Channel

1. Intro Video

A good idea for a first YouTube video is to have a small, few minute-long video explaining who you are, what you plan to talk about, what your business does if you have one. This is something many people forget to do, but it’s important because it will be the first thing users see when they open your channel (unless you change the featured video later).

2. Unboxing Products

This trend became huge in the past few years – people have been unboxing literally everything in front of their cameras. This is a great way to provide value to your followers, because many of them are probably ordering from the same websites you are and want to know how the products look in advance – especially whether the quality is as good as described.

3. Clever DIY Video

It seems like one of the best YouTube ideas you can have lately is to do a do-it-yourself video on any topic. These types of visual content have proved to be extremely useful for people, because, let’s face it: not all of us are good with our hands or creative, but we still want to give it a shot.

4. Prank Video

Is there something more hilarious than posing as King Philip IV and signing autographs? Yes, people actually fell for it.

5. Travel Vlog

It may be a bit tough to get an audience at first due to the huge competition in this area, but you should try nonetheless. This is one of the most popular YouTube video ideas, especially if you travel to interesting locations and meet local people.

6. Healthy Cooking

People are starting to care more and more about what they eat and how they cook, so having a YouTube channel focused on healthy cooking might be a gold mine! Show off your recipes, explain them, give tips and show your cooking process.

7. Girlfriend/Boyfriend Video

Prank your unsuspecting life partner and splash him on YouTube for everyone to see – sounds a bit harsh, but everyone seems to be doing it! It makes for some great entertainment and it might even give some couples ideas on how to make their relationship more fun.

8. The Holy Grail: Baby & Animal Videos

As much as some people hate it, posting a video of a cute baby or animal (especially cat) doing something hilarious seems to go viral almost immediately. After all, we’re living in the Grumpy Cat era!

9. Movie & Book Review

If you watch a lot of movies or read a lot of books, this is a really good video idea for you. Especially if you also know how to do a fun and entertaining review.

10. Hair & Makeup Tutorial

Did you know that both girls and guys are not only having fun with this, but also comfortably filling their bank accounts in the process? No one wants to spend money on professional stylists or make-up artists, so it’s only natural to prefer a good-quality YouTube beauty channel instead.

11. Video Interviews

Your opportunities here are endless: co-workers, friends, family – ask them to talk about what’s going on in the world right now or, if you’d prefer a lighter approach: ask hilarious random questions. This works best with strangers you meet on the street – in fact, many people are doing it successfully and the results are great.

12.  Challenge Video

Some challenges have a point and others are just ridiculous and sometimes even dangerous. Do something not only entertaining, but also safe for anyone to do – trust me, it will bring you a larger audience and much more engagement, as everyone will be trying to do it too.

13. Video Responses

A lot of people on YouTube make videos on a certain topic and then ask others to respond with their own video. Give it a shot – a whole discussion may arise which can help you think of even more YouTube video ideas.

14. Testimonials

Your co-workers, your employees, your friends, your clients – testimonials can do wonders for your reputation and your YouTube channel. If you have people around you who have nice things to say about you – this might be among the best video ideas for your YouTube channel.

15. Video Tour

Tours of offices have become very popular YouTube video ideas lately, but some creative people have started doing even better: tours of their house for those interested in architecture, tours of event venues for event planners and even tours of stadiums around the world for travel and sports enthusiasts.

16. Timelapse

Another great video idea – usually timelapse videos on YouTube are related to traveling, but the more imaginative you are – the better.

17. Bloopers

Everyone likes to laugh – that’s fact. Anyone can make blooper videos because, let’s be honest here, you don’t manage to create the perfect video from the first try!

18. Singing Video

In case you’ve missed it, plenty of YouTubers have found their way to fame by uploading videos of themselves singing. Give it a shot – but only if you actually can sing!

19. Workout Video

When most people are browsing aimlessly online – even on YouTube, they’re often searching for motivation. Those who share work out videos have a lot of followers, because it’s difficult for us to create our own workouts – we prefer to learn from others.

20. Video Contest

This idea has the potential to generate a lot of buzz if executed correctly. It’s a way to stand out and to let your followers do your work for you!

21. Political Video

A lot of YouTubers use the social media channel to share their opinion on important topics related to politics, economics, feminism, poverty and many more. If you feel like you have something important to say – go for it. You’ll definitely find others who share your views.

22. Movies Scenes Reenactment

This is for those of you who are born entertainers: try reenacting scenes from some of the most famous movies and watch as your follower base grows. These guys are doing a great job:

23. Magic Tricks

I’ve seen people sitting and trying to figure out a trick they saw on YouTube for hours. It brings a huge amount of engagement to your channel, if you have something interesting up your sleeve. Get it?

We hope you enjoyed our video ideas for your YouTube channel – now it’s time to go and try some of them out! Just one thing before you leave: we know it’s hard to edit your own videos when you’re just starting out. This is why Valoso is here for you – post your project and we’ll take care of your video editing needs.