Will Amazon Go Replace Traditional Shopping?

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How would you like to walk into a store, grab what you need and carry it out without the security alarm going off? Well, it’s possible. Amazon recently announced its Amazon Go store, which makes lines and checkouts obsolete. From drones to dash buttons, leave it to Amazon to integrate the latest technology in a way that benefits consumers. The idea is still in its early stages, but it just might alter the way we shop completely.

What Is Amazon Go?

As the Amazon Go YouTube video above explains, the store uses what it calls Just Walk Out technology in order to make grocery shopping easier. With developments like computer vision and sensor fusion, all you have to do is scan your phone before entering the store in order to go shopping. Once you leave, the Amazon Go app will give you a digital receipt and bill your card.

Because this concept requires physical stores, the number of Amazon Go locations remains limited. The company is testing out the concept with only one store in Seattle, Washington, but it will likely open more locations if the store is a success. If this idea does grow, it could have a positive impact on the labor market. A recent article on The Motley Fool illustrated how outdated cashier work can be replaced by more dynamic Amazon Go jobs.

Will Amazon Go Be a Successful Venture?

Hears How Consumers Feel…

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Just because an idea is backed by a well-known and well-liked multi-million dollar company, does not mean it will be a success. If consumers don’t respond well to the “Just Walk Out” store, then Amazon may be forced to shut it down. It is too early in the game to know, though, as Amazon isn’t opening the store to the public until 2017.

Even though the idea of no checkouts, no lines, and a vast selection of fresh snacks and meals seems like a crowd-pleasing notion, some people still have their concerns. Recently, Statista released a chart revealing what consumers really think about Amazon Go.

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Consumers in these preliminary surveys may not be responding as eagerly as Amazon anticipated for various reasons. First of all, the idea of simplifying shopping isn’t new. Many consumers are already content with they way the shop and may not see the need for Amazon’s new store. Many companies have established shopping systems that consumers prefer over Amazon Go’s services.

For instance, “Walmart To Go” offers grocery shopping online and grocery delivery right at your front door. Additionally, many restaurants offer online shopping sites, or online shopping apps that allow customers to pre-order their food and then walk into the store, grab it and walk out. Many brands have even introduced shoppable video, which allows their audience to shop by clicking on things they see in the video.

Other Obstacles to Amazon Go

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Consumers who prefer shopping at a physical store or who want to avoid the need for pre-ordering, are those who will likely benefit most from Amazon Go. Even though Amazon Go maximizes the convenience of shopping in person, the store’s prices and variety make up the difference. This may prevent a lot of the online shopping demographics from converting to the Amazon Go store.

The prices are not outrageously expensive ($8.50 for lunch isn’t bad), but grocery shopping on a budget is probably better done elsewhere. Similarly, you may not be able to get everything on your grocery shopping list at Amazon Go. If the idea expands, surely prices will decrease and variety will expand after time, but until then the shop is only relevant to some shoppers.


Amazon Go will not be replacing our traditional methods of in-store shopping – at least not today. Consumers are too attached to more convenient and less expensive forms of grocery shopping. Even though Amazon Go has its obstacles, the idea itself is compelling, especially when shared through the influential medium of video.

In fact, much of the store’s publicity has come from its video marketing campaign, with the video you watched above reaching seven million views in a matter of days. If you want to create a video as stunning and engaging as the Amazon Go intro, check out Valoso for the best freelance video editors and videographers on the market.

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