Go Viral On YouTube with These 10 Thanksgiving Video Ideas

Thanksgiving feast time is fast approaching and people can’t wait enjoy the delicious taste of roast turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and cranberry sauce. A perfect video strategy focusing on this festive holiday can bring you new customers and larger online visibility. Let the hype begin with Thanksgiving video ideas to go viral on YouTube.

Thanksgiving Song Videos

The best way to amuse people is to sing them a song. Be it bad or good, it stays in our memory long after the video ends. That’s exactly what Nicole Westbrook did with her “It’s Thanksgiving“ music video.

You can try hiring a singer to help you create a cool Thanksgiving music video. The material may be filmed with the help of your own smartphone. Furthermore, you can use it time and again for holidays to come.

Thanksgiving Movie Parody Videos

Everybody loves movies, so what can be more fun than making a Thanksgiving movie parody video? RocketJump’s video “Thanksception” reached 3 million views with their fun spin on the classic Thanksgiving story.

Try evoking the comedian in you by creating a movie parody video. Not only will it show the viewers how you can be funny, but it will also give you higher online visibility.

Animated Videos

Animation can quickly engage the viewer in the first seconds. Will Anderson‘s “Turkey Dubstep” video managed to get 4 million views. A quite impressive sum, given the fact that the video lasts only 45 seconds.

Not every person is good at drawing, so why not try contacting a freelance cartoonist for your animated video?

DIY Thanksgiving Edition Videos

Martha Stewart‘s “How to Create Two Thanksgiving Centerpieces“ video showed us that our creative side can enrich the holiday spirit.

Making a DIY video can be quite a challenge, but if you come up with a cool idea for a holiday project, don’t be shy and film the material for others to see.

Recipe Videos

You can never have enough of recipe videos. Especially if they deal with the topic of Thanksgiving Day food. Given the bizarre yet appetizing food showcased, Epic Meal Time made a video that hit a staggering number of 18 million views.

Your business needs a Thanksgiving recipe video. Why? Because this particular holiday is all about food and everyone celebrating it will search for recipe videos.

Thanksgiving Video Ideas

Thanksgiving Video Ideas Our International Friends

There’s an wide selection of traditional American foods enjoyed on Thanksgiving. This video from Facts shows the feelings and the thoughts that non-Americans have about Thanksgiving customs.

You can do a similar type of video by inviting your friends to comment on the Thanksgiving dinner and film them. The results will be hilarious.

Storytelling Videos

After a great meal comes the storytelling. Kids love stories. Storytelling videos can warm our hearts and make us smile. This simple Zebtoonz‘s “The Story of Thanksgiving” video gathered 1 million views.

Creating a storytelling video can be quite simple and it doesn’t have to be animated. You just need a person sitting in a cozy armchair, narrating a story. There you have it.

Thanksgiving Video Ideas

Comedy Sketches

Integrating comedy into the Thanksgiving video can really bring you viewers hungry for fun and Thanksgiving dinner dishes. Nigahiga posted a “Things That Ruin Thanksgiving” sketch on YouTube in 2011, and to this day it has more than 11 million views.

Try integrating a comedy sketch video to your marketing strategy. People stay watching videos if they make them laugh.

Commentary Video Ideas

BuzzFeedYellow knows how to catch a viewer’s attention, so the “Native Americans Review Thanksgiving Storybooks“ video is very popular on their channel.

Commentary Thanksgiving videos can be added to your marketing strategy just at the right time with the help of friends. Again, ask your followers to comment on various Thanksgiving topics and make a simple and engaging video.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Video

A short and simple video from BuzzFeed tells us what we can do with the Thanksgiving dinner leftovers. Ingenious and quick solutions to empty out the fridge after the festivities.

Try making your own leftovers video using some of the shorter videos you made for the thanksgiving food and recipe videos. In case you don’t know how to make them by yourself, consult us at Valoso to have a custom-made video for the holidays.


Do you agree that Thanksgiving is a great time to make a video that will go viral? Most of all, it can the right viral video can improve your marketing strategy. Luckily, you’re at the right place. We can help you turn your Thanksgiving video ideas into an extraordinary video that will attract attention. Simply give us your idea in the form below, and we’ll get back to you soon. Check it out – it’s free!