How These 10 Election Videos Changed The Game

The US Presidential Elections will never be the same due to the proliferation of video. Polls are fluctuating significantly in response to each viral video that exposes some aspect of a candidate. No one can deny the direct effects of election videos on the campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. As voting day draws near, it is time to take a look at ten of the most memorable election videos that altered the game of the US presidential elections.

The Powerful Reach of One Nauseating Election Video

I’m just going to get this one out of the way. After Access Hollywood releases the bus video with Donald Trump and Billy Bush, Americans felt a collective cringe. Not a single US citizen missed that bit of ‘locker room talk,’ and not surprisingly, polls were affected. The day after the video, Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers started climbing. This points to the amazing power of election videos.

DNC Becomes Suspect and So Does Hillary Clinton

When video clips hit the feeds of America’s social media sites in July of 2016, the news that Bernie Sanders had been kept down by his own Democratic Party in favor of a stronger candidate was not well-received. Bernie supporters went through the roof. Those feeling the Bern began to waver on whether or not to support the DNC’s ultimate pick, and interest in Third Party candidates started to surge. All the while, Hillary Clinton’s approval rating took a dive.

How Many Emails?!

Leading up to this election, Wikileaks has made so many Hillary email announcements that it’s hard to keep them all straight. Thousands more emails keep rolling in while the Hillary camp continues the scramble to discredit the claims. So when Julian Assange made the announcement in the video below that there were more emails to come, frankly, it shocked no one. Still, we watched, shared, and discussed the video on all our favorite social media sites.

Alec Baldwin Nails Donald Trump Imitation and America Laughs

Late night comedians across the board are continually relishing this 2016 presidential campaign. Countless comedic opportunities have been handed to them on a golden platter. While Republicans may claim the media is a rigged, liberal tool, most of us agree that Donald Trump in particular gives comedians and audiences alike an infinite supply of laughable material. Shows like Late Night with Seth MeyersThe Daily Show with Noah Trevor, and Real Time with Bill Maher ripped Donald apart while giving Hillary’s blunders a mere nod. The Saturday Night Live debate videos offered Alec Baldwin’s hysterical imitations of Donald Trump to satisfy America’s growing appetite for satire.

Each SNL debate video trended after the three presidential debates, supplying us all with some much needed comic relief.

Debate Debacles Flip the Polls

Although Hillary Clinton kept her composure during the live streamed debates, her counterpart, Donald Trump, became more blustering and irrational with each progressive debate. It was obvious that Trump was not well-prepared for the controversial deliberations that would take place in this election. During the span of the three live streamed debates, Hillary’s numbers went up as Americans started to get a good long look at the presidential candidates and what they had to offer.

Election Videos About Money, Money, Money

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both have faced scrutiny about their charitable foundations, their taxes, and their net worth. Both candidates blatantly criticize the other about their financial pursuits. Even with the hundreds of videos covering this topic, no clear-cut answers to the endless money-related questions are provided. However, Americans keep tuning in to each breaking video. Check out these two popular election videos covering the money scandals:

Trump’s Accusers Hit the Mainstream

Right after the Billy Bush Bus Tour video came out, no less than eleven women went on record claiming that Donald Trump did to them exactly what he said he did to women. Republicans quickly cried foul and counter accused the women of trying to alter the elections. Hillary used it during the next debate where she described the harassment that all women have felt at some point in their lifetime, and many Republicans reconsidered who their votes should go to.

Donald Trump Responds to Accusers With Lawsuits as Female Voters Flock To Hillary

The Donald Trump Twitter feed exploded as Donald responded to these eleven women much in the same way he deals with anyone opposing him—with a lawsuit. The U.S. Presidential Candidate, just weeks before the election, actually said he would sue every last one of the women who accused him of sexual assault. He tweeted his objective then proceeded to mention the incident at each subsequent campaign rally, like the one in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, shown below.

Quite Possibly the Most Influential of All 2016 Presidential Election Videos

Two weeks before the most disputed US presidential election in history, FBI Director, James Comey, released a letter. Some might say it was a rather vague letter, but needless to say, it pointed to more, you guessed it, emails. Not only that, but a connection between Hillary Clinton and Anthony Weiner, another bane of American politics, was established. Of course, every news agency picked up the story and ran with it. The videos were flying. Democrats screamed cheating and Republicans rejoiced. The poll numbers tightened for what would be a closer race than anyone could have predicted. Hillary’s solid lead was sliced so narrowly, that if Donald Trump does become president, it may well be due to this one little election video.