How to Choose the Right Freelance Video Editor

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Generally speaking, the quality of your video depends on the amount of money that you invest in it. However, this interrelation is not always direct. You can get a very diverse outcome for the same amount of money. For example, proceed cautiously when choosing a freelancer who suggests you a tempting price, as there are many additional issues to consider. Valoso has collected the criteria by which you will be able to find the best freelance video editor for your budget.

The Best Video Editor For You

Finding a freelancer online is not a complicated task: there are hundreds of thousands of video editors online, and thousands of freelance video editing services. Once you have found a potential freelancer and made sure that their price is acceptable to you, it is desirable to pay attention to their portfolio. If you do not like any of the previous works of the freelancer, there is no sense in viewing his (or he)r profile further. Past projects can tell you almost everything about the artist, including:

  • The Type and Style of the Video

Does this videographer work with the types of video that you are looking for? What about his own style? If there is no video of the desired type, you can ask him about what he has done before. Request that the freelancer send you some examples. If he has none to show you, then you take a big risk: the freelancer does not know what difficulties he will face ultimately.

  • Video Impact

What information do you remember most after watching videos of the potential freelance video editor? If you are not the target audience, it’s okay if you do not understand the video. BUT! If you watch a few videos and generally do not comprehend most of them, most likely, a freelancer cannot create simple and laconic content.

  • Narrator’s Voice

Most customers rarely pay attention to this element of the video. But the speaker’s voice should be pleasant enough to help get the content of the video across and create the right mood. An annoying or otherwise repellent voice can spoil everything.

Here is a brilliant example of a great narrator’s voice and intonation:

  • The Number of Videos in the Portfolio

As a rule, video editors make available only a small part of their best works in their digital video portfolio. However, almost all video creators have their own freelance video editor website or YouTube channel, which contain most of their projects. If you cannot find at least a few works by the artist, most likely, he has just begun his career, or other works are much worse and the freelancer does not want them to show.

  • The First and the Last Video in the Portfolio

Before hiring a freelance video editor, it is advisable to watch all his projects. We advise you to watch the first and last video in order to evaluate the development of the freelancer as a professional. Perhaps a video editor has worked with a skillful screenwriter, speaker, and so forth at the beginning of his career. But now they had stopped their cooperation and a freelancer cannot create such quality content. Or on the other hand, you might see great and steady improvement in their videos, which is a good sign.

  • Price Transparency

Prices indicated on a website do not always include everything. There are times when a customer finds out about the video editing cost per hour only during the video creation. Some video authors show a detailed price list but others show nothing. It is necessary to find out all possible costs in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. For example, what should a freelance video editor charge, how many revisions are included in the price, and what is the cost of visual effects? Let the freelancer tell you about everything that he needs and how much it costs.

  • Background Music

Music is like a seasoning for dishes. It can make your video delicious but can also spoil it. Watch some of their portfolio videos and you will understand how a freelancer selects background music: thoughtfully and carefully, or in a hurry and at random.

  • Terms

Some people work slowly but effectively. Others work promptly but unsatisfactorily. And then some people’s work is satisfactorily and prompt but expensive. But fast, high-quality, and inexpensive work is something out of science fiction. So, you need to determine what is most important to you – quality, performance speed, or price. If any freelance video editor asks you to stand in a queue, do not rush to give up, especially if you are not in a hurry. Perhaps the freelancer creates splendid videos for the price/quality ratio with suitable video editing terms and conditions.

In Summary

Now you know how to select a freelance video editor. If you are going to spend a lot of money on creating a video, choose a freelancer very carefully, since almost everything depends on him. All video creators have their own pros and cons. You need to understand the most important thing for you and look for the freelancer who possesses the qualities that you are looking for. To begin your journey in the search for the perfect video editor, sign up a to receive your free editing