Instagram's New Video option: How To Use 60 Seconds to Success


With the rising popularity of video marketing, more and more business organizations are venturing on micro-video sharing sites in order to utilize this strategy. And one of the most popular micro-video sharing platforms used by businesses is Instagram.

The study shows that for the last six months, the time spent on watching videos on Instagram increased up to more than 40%. And with its new release of news feed algorithm and ability for video creators to upload videos up to 60 seconds, it is no doubt that the number of views and subscribers will continue to skyrocket.

With these new and exciting features launched by Instagram, it is important to keep up and utilize it for your brand’s promotion and exposure.

Here are the tips on how to use Instagram’s 60 seconds feature to your success.


1. Invoke a Compelling Call to Action

Now that Instagram has extended its video length duration, businesses will now have more freedom to put more content on your videos and delivering messages effectively. This is also a perfect opportunity for you to include CTA in your videos. Call to Actions are a great way to drive your audience into engaging your brand. And the more users will keep engaging your brand, the more chances of making your video on top of the news feed.

brand story

2. Take Time in Telling Your Brand’s Story

Utilize Instagram’s lengthened video duration by strategizing your brand story. People loves to hear stories, preferably personal stories. Take the time to brainstorm the theme of your video and write your brand’s story. Remember that when writing your story, you need to share a part of yourself, or your business to your audience. Keep it personalized as much as possible, as your audience would love to hear real and genuine stories from you. Utilize the 60 seconds time given to effectively relay your message to your audience.

video editor

3. Edit, edit, edit.

Now that you already prepared a compelling call to action and captivating content or story, it is time to pay attention to the aesthetical part of your video. Here are some tips you can apply in order to shoot your video professionally:

  • Get a Tripod. The tripod will enhance the stability and consistency of your video. If your video is blurry, shaky, or unstable, your users are most likely to drop watching your video. Tripod will help you in establishing the stability of your video.
  • Have it filmed in landscape mode. We recommend you shoot your videos in landscape mode, especially if you are shooting using your smartphone. Landscape modes enable you to capture as many images and sceneries as possible, adding more aesthetics in your video.
  • Have your Video Edited by professional video editors.
    You can use powerful NLE software to have your video edited professionally. But if you simply don’t have time to edit your own videos, you can always count on professional video editors to do the editing for you. Our Valoso editors are all expert in the field of video editing.

    They are well-versed in dealing with different video projects and we’re sure that they can cater whatever specifications and requirements you need. You just need to post your project (for free) and the valoso editors will do the job.