6 Viral Video Ideas to Make Money out of Trump’s Win

Ever wondered how to make money on YouTube? Well, nothing has spawned as many viral video ideas at one time than the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. However, now that the elections are over, a lot of people have been wondering what’s next? Yes, the overwhelming response to the results of the much anticipated 2016 elections is, “Trump is president, now what?” 

Though the pre-election hype that has been brewing for over a year has come to an end, the time to create viral videos 2016 about Trump’s presidential campaign is not over. Now is the perfect time to start a new wave of viral video ideas about Trump’s upcoming position as President of the United States.

Even though a lot of Americans are disappointed in the success of Trump’s presidential exploits, there are still ways to benefit from his victory. It’s no secret that making a Donald Trump video is one of the easiest ways to get noticed on the Internet. Creating your own viral video ideas do not have to be hard if you have the right content. Keep reading to learn how Trump’s win might just put some extra cash in your pocket.

How Do Viral Video Ideas Make Money?

Making viral videos is not some get-rich-quick scheme that leads nowhere. If done right, videos can go viral, and they can make you money. Earning money by making videos online is more relevant today than ever before. Famous YouTubers and bloggers from all over the world make prosperous livings from creating videos.

A lot of factors and dynamics influence how much money a certain video will make the creator. You should focus on the ways you plan to earn money from your video around your purpose for making the video. Do you want to become an Internet personality? Create a one-time viral wonder? Promote your existing brand? Here are the most common ways to make money from your viral video ideas:

  • Use AdSense to place advertisements before your video.
  • License your video to commercial companies.
  • Affiliate market by promoting products or services in your video.
  • Create appealing merchandise to go along with your video.
  • Use your video to become an Internet personality and earn money from events, interviews, etc.
  • Drive traffic to your existing business (even if it’s only an Etsy shop!) with your video.
  • Get your video sponsored by businesses.

The perfect viral video about Trump’s presidency won’t lead you to making millions overnight. However, it is certainly a smart and trendy way to jumpstart any YouTubing career or to simply have fun while earning some extra cash. Let’s dive into some of the best Donald Trump viral video ideas.

viral video ideas

1. Capture People’s Reactions to Trump’s Presidency

Nothing goes more viral than videos that capture real life. The news of Trump’s presidency is fairly new, so recording the reactions and opinions of locals could be your winning video idea. Interview people and ask how they feel about Trump’s win, then compile their reactions into a video. The video can be serious or you can ask some funny questions to generate laughs, but make sure the reactions are genuine.

2. Create a Parody About President Trump

Parody videos about Trump’s victory don’t have to be insulting, but they can definitely be used to satisfy the audiences’ hunger for political satire. Think about filming personal impressions of the election victor or interpreting what America–or the world–will look like four years from now after Trump’s term in office. Above all, make viewers laugh, otherwise no one will be motivated to share your video.

3. Share Positivity Amidst the Apparent Grief

Many people view Trump’s victory as “the death of America.” However, this reaction is a little dramatic. Even if you are not a Trump supporter yourself, creating a succinct video sharing the positives of Trump’s presidency will make you stand out. For starters, the soon-to-be President has had immense success in the business world, so perhaps he will be able to start the U.S. on its way out of debt.

4. Start Real Political Discussions About the Election Results

This idea may sound more fit to be in a political documentary than in a viral video, but starting real political discussions about the U.S. can unite viewers and attract audiences who aren’t satisfied by cat videos. Offer commentary in a creative way–film entertaining rants, host live Q&A sessions, or share unique and engaging political viewpoints.

5. Relate Trump’s Win to a Specific Audience

Focus on appealing to one niche so your video can easily go viral in that area of the Internet. All Americans are affected by Trump’s victory, no matter their race, religion, sex or social status. To name a few examples, you could share how Trump being president will affect small business owners. Or, tell moms how the new president will impact their children’s futures.

6. Create Prank Videos with a Donald Trump Theme 

One viral video idea that will surely gain viewers is to create prank videos that pertain to Donald Trump. This can mean anything from jumping out at stranger’s while wearing a Trump mask or creating a realistic but fake government page that reveals Trump’s “plans” as president. Whatever you choose to do, capturing hilarious gags and sharing them on the web will surely lead you to virality.

viral video ideas

Finally, Don’t Make This Mistake

One vital aspect that prevents videos from going viral is quality. Although you might recall home videos like Charlie Bit My Finger that went viral without a production studio, the standard for online video has risen over the past decade. Because Donald Trump is such a hot topic, you are going to be competing for viewers. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your video can stand out without being optimized for shares.

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