Facebook Video – Time To Share Money With Video Creators

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Have you ever tried to make money on Facebook ads? It’s not the easiest way to elevate your business. However, Facebook has already started testing the new video format that allows video creators to embed their short commercials in videos watched by users. These ads will appear after 20 seconds or more after the video starts. The duration of the Facebook video should not be less than 90 seconds. And here is the most interesting: the social network will share revenue from advertising sales with the video authors – they will receive 55% of sales! This method of monetization is not innovative: The Google-owned YouTube service shares advertising revenue in the same way.

Facebook Video – Problems and Possibilities

If the new format will become popular, video authors can start gaining significant income thanks to Facebook video advertising. By the way, today, social network users spend around 100 million hours on video per day! At the same time, Mark Zuckerberg has established a ban on the use of advertising displayed before the video starts. For a long time, marketers have been receiving very little income (or no income at all) with Facebook ads, despite diligent and costly attempts to attract the user’s attention. This led to the fact that the quality of the advertising content on a social network was significantly decreased.

Facebook’s Experiments

Facebook previously experimented with other possibilities for advertisers. For example:

  • In 2015, the company launched a separate section with videos and let a number of publishers receive a portion of income from advertising – these videos were not embedded in regular ads.
  • In 2016, Facebook began testing ads that appear while watching live broadcasts.
  • The same year, the social network allowed private publishers to create Facebook ads sponsored by advertisers, who began receiving some revenue from this.
  • A few months ago, users noticed Facebook advertising in groups.
  • A few days ago, annoying ads began appearing in Instagram Stories.

However, the latest move of the company may prove to be most important. It applies to all types of videos, including videos published in the news section – the main element of Facebook video content strategy. Moreover, the social network relies on the time that users spend to watch videos rather than the number of videos viewed. Again, YouTube uses a similar scheme, named Watch Time.

Bonus Tool – Check out the video below to learn how to create effective video ads for Facebook:

Will Monetization cause Facebook to Implode?

Finally, I would also note that Zuckerberg may have become too interested in the monetization of his empire by setting up Facebook ads wherever possible. On one hand, Mark gives users the opportunity to make money online with videos. But on the other, the social network could become a global garbage area in a few years, where there is nothing but advertising.

facebook ads business

Here is how the average Facebook page looks now. What’s next?

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Image Credit: Today’s SEM  Image Credit: Marco Mazzilli