Best Eight Mobile Event Apps for Effective Event Planning

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Often in the process of their work, event managers use mobile apps that magically simplify their lifes and career. We have found, however, only a few good event app reviews. So we decided to make a list of the most useful event apps for event organizers.

1. Pro Party Planner

event apps

The Pro Party Planner event organiser app was created for professional event managers. But it quickly fell into the reach of mere mortals because of the user-friendly interface.

Here, you can do everything: plan your seating, make up to-do lists and shopping lists, delegate individual assignments to colleagues, track progress, create a mobile event calendar, and much more.

It works on both iPhone and iPad. The app is paid ($5.79), but it is worth the price. The website of the app has an excellent blog with tips on organizing parties.

2. Planning Pod

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Planning Pod is more suitable for companies that systematically organize some events. However, it is more than just fit for the corporate customers. Planning Pod is not like other event apps. This service allows you to organize documents, mail, and files for your event.

It is dashingly similar to Pro Party Planner, but with an emphasis on organizing business events (conferences, forums, presentations, etc.). This event app works on all known platforms.

3. myBanquet

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The myBanquet event management mobile app is ideal for planning conservative corporate parties in the form of a banquet. With it, you can conveniently organize a list of guests, seating, registration, and invitations.

Many other event apps do not include these abilities. Furthermore, myBanquet has many unique and powerful features in the event app design.

4. TopTablePlanner

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The TopTablePlanner event application is also not an app but a cloud service that can access smartphones and tablets. It solves the problem of seating the guests and tailoring the experience to their individual preferences (meals, invitations, etc.). The minimum set costs $20 for six months of use, but you can also use an event app free trial version.

5. Simple Soiree

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A simple app that constantly gets to the lists of the best apps according to the American Wedding Magazine. With Simple Soiree, you can compose and send out invitations, create a guest list, menus, to-do lists, and purchases. The interface isn’t cutting edge, but it performs its functions well.

6. Party & Event Planner Lite

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This fantastic app is useful both for organizing small personal celebrations and for corporate parties. Party & Event Planner Lite helps to organize a list of guests, expenses, and event tasks.

Most uniquely, this app serves the function of calculating the amount of necessary alcohol for your party. This calculator’s amazing accuracy can save you money on alcohol purchases and also prevent an embarrassing shortage.

Party & Event Planner Lite works on iPhone and iPad. However, the free version is almost useless, only allowing for five guests. For a larger guest list, the paid version is only $1.99.

7. EventMobi

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EventMobi is more of a platform than a simple app. It is designed to help event managers who are engaged in the simultaneous organization of different events. The main asset of the app is its customization options. For event planning, you can create sites for each event, add logos, select a color scheme, etc.

The system offers quick communication and even instant translation into several languages for international events. You can also search for event sponsors and advertisers on the app. During the event, there is a secure messaging system for all visitors, interactive maps, real-time polls, and more.

8. TripBuilderMedia

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This is a convenient mobile app for organizers of large events, exhibitions, conferences, etc. The versions are available both for conducting one event and for the simultaneous organization of many events.

Multifunctional program saves time and money. You can create your own schedule and a network of visitors, quickly exchange information and send notices, maintain contacts within the event, and more.

Wrap Up

Of course, this is not a complete list of all mobile event apps. However, we have concluded that the above eight apps are the best for your event organization needs.

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