5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Video Ideas

5 Romantic Valentines Day Video Ideas

Love is truly in the air! Now that the Valentine’s day is fast approaching, we are all in hype in thinking some romantic ideas on how to celebrate this special day with our significant other.

We want our romantic gift not only to become memorable in this special day, but we also want it to lasts for a lifetime. A memorable gift where you can look back and reminisce your special moments together. And the best thing to do that is by making a valentine’s day video!

valentine's video day

We, at Valoso, have prepared these romantic Valentine’s video ideas to help you fully express your undying love and passion to your loved one and make this special day extra special.

Valentine’s Day Special Video Ideas

1. Express How You Feel

Rekindle your connection with your loved ones by stating how much you love your lover. Record yourself saying how happy you are that you found him in your life and how much you’ve changed as a better person.

You can also include sweet and meaningful messages in your video. This is really a great video idea especially if you are in a long-distance relationship.

2. Special Moment Video Clips

If you are having a hard time, or just incredibly shy about expressing your feelings vocally, you have the option to express your love in a non-vocal way. Let all your memories together become the witness of your passionate love story.

Compile all your “best moment” pictures and video clips together. May it be your vacation together, a special honeymoon outside the country, etc. You also have the option to make your pictures and clips in a form of a flipbook video.

3. Create a Story

Another creative way of expressing your love and sharing your love story together is by creating your perfect love story. You can compile pictures of your childhood and make a narration on how you two met, how you ended up confessing your love for each other.

The trials and challenges you’ve overcome, and your long-awaited happy ending journey together. You also have the option to animate your love story and create an animated version for your characters.

4. Video Your Poem

If you are poetic and you want to confess your love in a rather dramatic and unique way, then you can make a video for your poem. You can compile your pics together or a dramatic shot in every line of your poem to emphasize your feelings for your loved one.

5. Propose

This may be the sweetest thing you can give for your love one, a heart-wrenching and romantic video proposal. Find a romantic and picturesque spot where you can watch all your unforgettable moments together, and end your video with a breathtaking question.

Editing your Valentine Videos

Now that you’ve gained an idea and compiled the necessary resources to create your video, it is time to edit your video and craft it into a magical and heart-warming masterpiece. If you don’t know how to edit your video professionally, Valoso is here to craft your video into a masterpiece.

We value the special moments of our clients and we want to make it unforgettable, and we assure you that your loved one will definitely love your video gift! We all wish you a heart-filling Happy Valentines Day!