How to Create and Promote a Video Press Release

video press release

According to WordStream, 59% of executives are more likely to choose video if both text and video are presented on the same topic. Thinking about creating corporate video press release of your own? The article below will show you how and why you should use video in a press release.

Why You Should Create a Video Press Release

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The established theory on this blog is: video is the best digital medium. Of course, podcasts, blog posts, infographics, and other mediums have their purpose. But video offers something more—it’s immersive, engaging, and effective.

If you want your PR to stand out, present it as a video. Not only will it appeal to correspondents, but it will also be more fluid. More people will share it, talk about it, and take interest than they would a text PR with bulky paragraphs.

While video press releases are indeed unparalleled, producing one is easier than ever. To create a professional video, all you need are skilled freelancers to take care of video filming and video editing (Valoso) while you do the rest.

How to Make a Video Press Release

Step #1. Formulating the Idea

video press release

To create the perfect video press release, you must have focus. This step involves answering two questions for your video press release:

  1. What is your message?
  2. How will you present this message?

Video creates the perfect opportunity for branding. Instead of dishing out a generic or monotonous PR, it enables your message to be more striking, guaranteeing a higher level of success. You can stand out with your word choice, visuals, background music, message, and even brand colors. Follow the tips below to create a promo video press release.

How to Plan a Video Press Release

  1. Formulate a stand-out title. Your title should be informative, relevant, and unique. A specific title will guide your production process. Your video title may include the words “Press Release” or “PR,” but the central message of the title should be your brand, your focus, and your impact.
  2. Cover who, what, where, when, why, and how. Every PR is different. It may be for a new fashion line, a startup launch, or a Kickstarter campaign. Explain every aspect of your release in a clear, concise way. Consider including text details in the video description.
  3. Include a call-to-action (CTA). Let your viewers know exactly what you want them to do after watching your video press release. Here, communication is the key. Interested reporters, investors, or whoever you are pitching may view your video, but a powerful CTA is essential to convert them.
  4. Write a gripping script. This is easier said than done, but you can come up with a new and compelling script by thinking outside the box. Words like “revolutionary” or “cutting-edge” are trite. Instead, use specific, relevant terms and compile them into an organized script. Expect several revisions as you develop and enhance your script.
  5. Create a storyboard. A video storyboard will help map out the scenes, transitions, and dialogue for your entire video. Outline captivating visuals, specific subjects, and insightful dialogue for your video or animation. Come up with several different variations of your storyboard, then narrow down which ones will have the best results.

Step #2. Producing the Video

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How do you bring your video press release ideas to fruition? After your script and storyboard are complete, video production is a breeze.

The #1 rule for successful video production is to prioritize quality. Shaky footage, raspy audio, and tiny, blurry images are unprofessional. Producing a poor quality video will not impress your viewers. To secure conversions, you must invest in HD or 4K video and high-quality audio.

High-quality video is a standard nowadays. It is easily accomplishable through hiring videographers with the right equipment, or renting out the equipment for yourself.

Professional video production is within reach, no matter your budget. Simply collect props, visit your locations, set up lighting, build the scene, then film a handful of takes for each of the scenes in your storyboard.

Step #3. Securing the Vision

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Your vision is secured when you take advantage of video editing. Again, you can hire the video editing team at Valoso to finish your videos. Or, you can polish up on your own DIY video editing skills. Editing a video PR should include the following:

  1. Compile scenes. Upload your footage and weave your various scenes together into a stunning video. Clip and crop scenes as necessary.
  2. Add music. Videos without a bit of background music—or those with just over talking—are drab. Choose background music that matches the mood of your brand and message.
  3. Add transitions. Your PR video should not include only one shot. Incorporate several scenes with creative, but not distracting, transitions.
  4. Refine shots. Crop, color correct, stabilize, equalize noise, and add effects as needed. To automate these corrections, click the “magic wand” icon on your editing software.

How long should my video be? No longer than four minutes is a good rule of thumb. The longer the video, the less people will be interested in it. However, too short of a video may not contain enough information about your PR to be valuable.

Where should I upload my video? Self-hosting your videos can be a bad option for several reasons. Instead, upload your video PR to the universal YouTube. Your video press release on YouTube is likely to get the most views and conversions. If you are looking for more of a niche atmosphere, Vimeo or another video platform are also great options.

Marketing Your Video Press Release

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Most likely, you are not releasing the next iPhone model. So, your PR isn’t super exciting to the world. Not everyone will like it. Many people will, if marketed right, but don’t expect every pitch to be fruitful. In fact, many PR’s bomb.

Starting off with a well-made video is the first step. But if your video is poor quality or contains uninteresting content, don’t even bother with marketing.

Pitching to Correspondents

Pitching your press release video to potential investors, reporters, or marketers will skyrocket your positive promotion results. When pitching, keep the text short and the video interesting. Reaffirm the basic, key points from your video and ask the correspondents for feedback on what they watched.

Ask them if they are interested in your company, or at least in promoting your brand on social media, instead of expecting them to be. Correspondents won’t take a second look at emails with unpromising subjects or self-aggrandizing content.

Promoting to Viewers

Promoting your press release explainer video to potential customers will get the word out. No matter what your press release is about, you can find interested viewers with the right marketing tactics.

Social media is typically the best route to share your video on. Ask viewers to watch, share, and take action on what they saw. Read viewer feedback in the comment section to determine how your target audience feels about your new launch or release. A video explainer video will help you better gauge your audience, their interests, and the market.

Wrap Up

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By creating your own video launch press release, you can move up in your niche and thrive on the digital marketing playing field. Producing a professional video can be made easy with the help of Valoso. Our team of talented videographers and video editors are waiting to tackle your next video PR project.

Want to incorporate video in your next press release? Fill out the contact form below and we’ll start planning for your video project!