10 Best Video Editing Tools For Video Editors in 2015 – Part 1

10 Best Video Editing Tool for Video Editors this 2015 - Part 1

10 Best Video Editing Tool For Video Editors This 2015 – Part 1

In our contemporary world, gone are the days where we needed to have expensive technical equipment in order to create a professional and breath-taking video. Video editing jobs are made more easily, more quickly and more efficiently as revolutionary video editing tools emerge to aid our best video editors in their work. However, sometimes we may feel overwhelmed from the vast amount of video editing software available online. Choosing the right video editing tool for your project or business may become a tough task in itself. Which one should you choose? In this article, we will help save you time and frustration by steering you towards the best video editing tools available today.


avs video editor


  1. AVS Video Editor
    AVS Video Editor is the best video editing tool because it’s relatively easy to use while enabling editors to create quality-rich, professional videos. Among its notable features are the support for Blu-ray videos, multilingual, stabilization, non-destructive editing, dual audio track, and sharing features to multiple social accounts. It is geared towards Windows users and it supports multiple video file formats like AVI, MP4, FLV, AMV, DAT, VCD, etc. The price for the premium version is only $59 and provides unlimited access. Also offered is trial version with an open ended time frame.                                                                                               
    final cut pro
  2. Final Cut Pro
    Final cut pro is the software behind the professional editing you may have seen in some of your favorite movies like “The Social Network” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Developed by Apple, Inc., it has notable features such an impressive UI (user interface), HD support and storyboard mode. This software is for Macintosh users and it supports any video formats as long as they are compatible with QuickTime.

    sony vegas
  3. Sony Vegas Movie Studio
    This software is the minimized version of Sony Vegas Pro and it’s the perfect tool for passionate video editor professionals. It has a simple, interactive interface with easy to use transitions, video stabilization and real-time effects. It’s the perfect all-in-one solution for video editors.
  4. Lightworks
    What makes Lightworks stand out among other video editing tools is its compatibility for Windows, Mac and Linux. It also has a powerful support system for background IO, multicam editing, realtime effects and dedicated web export option, background export and rendering. It has HD support, unlimited video and audio tracks, and linear timecode display. Lightworks is free to download. There is no trial version, but it does offer a Pro Version as well.

  5. Sony Vegas Pro
    This software is called the big brother of Sony Vegas Movie Studio because of its enhanced features. It has powerful effects that support iOS devices, stereoscopic 3d editing, audio control support, 4k video compatibility, multi-track audio management, and Blu-ray DVD layout in one option. Sony Vegas Pro is the best video editing tool for professionals who want optimal video quality. 

    What video editing software are you using for your editing tasks? Showcase your talent now and accept jobs from our project platform. More information is available in part 2, here.