e-commerce advertising

Facebook Urges Mobile Videos for E-commerce Advertising

What’s the key to modern day e-commerce advertising? Facebook’s U.S. e-commerce head, Jeremy Lewis, wants businesses to know there’s one platform for product video...
Amazon Go YouTube

Will Amazon Go Replace Traditional Shopping?

How would you like to walk into a store, grab what you need and carry it out without the security alarm going off? Well, it's...
donald trump video

The World’s Response – 10 Countries Weigh in with a Donald Trump Video

Are you feeling like you couldn't possibly watch another Donald Trump video? From Huffington Post and the New York Times, to Buzzfeed and Fox News,...

Stop Illegal Video Shooting with a DroneGun

Today we have the opportunity to observe how drones can directly capture a market. More and more people are buying drones for shooting videos for...

How These 10 Election Videos Changed The Game

The US Presidential Elections will never be the same due to the proliferation of video. Polls are fluctuating significantly in response to each viral video that exposes...
valoso partners tedxauckland

Valoso Partners with TEDxAuckland for Cutting-Edge Events

The Australian video startup Valoso is partnering up with TEDxAuckland for the upcoming 2018 year. Valoso, which creates digital media content and marketing blueprints, started...
fake news

Will Digital Literacy Obliterate Fake News?

If you think you're having a hard time deciphering between true stories and fake news, try to understand how it must be for our...
motion graphics

Video Demos from Top Japanese Motion Graphics Artists

MotionElements is Asia’s leading microstock marketplace for video content creators. Not only do they provide a fully localized experience for stock media sellers and...