Top Reasons Why Videos Are Best for Hotel Marketing

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When organizing a trip, the most important part for any traveler, apart from deciding their destination, is figuring out where they will be staying. If you’re an hotelier, it is important that you take advantage of the necessity for accommodation by marketing your hotel in just right way. More and more companies seem to be choosing video as their main medium for marketing. The reasons for this include the influence videos can have on viewers, and the amount of traffic it generates. If you’re looking for an effective and innovative way to promote your hotel, then video is your answer. Video marketing can provide endless opportunities to showcase your hotel. Read on to find out the top reasons why videos are best for hotel marketing:

Hotel Video Marketing: The Trending Marketing Solution that Pays

Video marketing is on the rise, and expected to account for 74% of all Internet traffic in 2017. Consequently, businesses are busy getting a piece of the video marketing action because of the benefits it offers. One analysed benefit is increasing revenue. In fact, 64% of businesses who have used video marketing believe that it is directly responsible for increased sales.

How Video Sharing Increases Exposure

Additionally, videos are far easier to share between Internet users, with 70% confirming they have shared a brand’s video content. This ease of accessibility in video sharing can help your hotel boost positive exposure and recognition. For your hotel to be found by your target market, getting as much publicity as possible is key.

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Videos Evoke Emotional Response

Did you know that 90% of Internet users claim product videos are helpful in their decision process? Connecting to your guests on an emotional level is vital for a successful marketing campaign. When traveling, people usually have a vision about what they expect from their travels, especially from their accommodations. It is important that your hotel becomes a part of this vision. Video allows this vision to come to life. For instance, you could show a couple getting a spa treatment or drinking cocktails by the pool and the viewer will empathize with them. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine how many words a video can bring forth.

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Video Builds Trust for Your Brand

Research shows that people generally trust video content that is endorsed by a brand. Make your video into a true reflection of the best your hotel has to offer its guests. Interestingly, people are 67% more likely to make a hotel booking if a video tour is available.

Hotel Marketing Videos Make it Easier for Your Customers

Did you know that video is easier to process than text? It’s not because people are too lazy to read; it’s just the way our brains work. Psychologists suggest that human brains process video 60,000 times faster than written content. Moreover, 76% of viewers prefer to consume brand information via video. There are varied types of videos that you can use for your hotel marketing strategy to help you bring this convenience to your customers.

Here is how one hotel used video as part of their hotel marketing. Notice their compelling videography, their use of an exotically voice narrator, and how the video, in only 1.17 minutes, takes the viewer on an emotional journey:

The benefits to video marketing in the hotel industry are available now to hoteliers are ready to take the leap. The time is now to ride the trend that is taking the world of marketing by storm. Include video as part of your marketing campaign and draw new guests to your hotel this season.

If you’re a bit hesitant about the whole video-creation process – don’t be. You can always hire someone to help you create the perfect video about your hotel. Take all your ideas about your perfect hotel video, and then share your thoughts with the team at Valoso. Their experts will take a look at your clips and give you a free, detailed quote.