21 Effective Video Marketing Strategies [Infographic]

video marketing strategies

What video marketing strategies have you tried? Technologies are becoming more perfected, consumers are now more curious, and marketing methods are more diverse. Now video is the most impactful and effective types of advertising content.

It adds vibrancy to your brand’s message and encourages your audience to take action. Knowing these 21 types of video marketing strategies will help you determine what’s best for your brand.

For small businesses, especially start-ups, the implementation of a video strategy seems overwhelming. Or it might feel too expensive. But video marketing is incredibly flexible. A video blog does not require any investment.

If the blog is creative, it offers a platform for self-expression that can turn into a powerful marketing tool. Often, in order to develop effective and high-quality video content, a simple smartphone is all you need.

Apart from basic equipment, you will need one main thing–knowledge. Today, Valoso shares it and tells you 21 ways to apply video to the marketing process.

video marketing strategies

21 Effective Video Marketing Strategies


  • SEO: Video increases the ranking level of a landing page by 53%.
  • Social media: People are much more likely to watch and share videos than text.
  • Conversion: Landing video increases conversion by 80%.
  • Mobile shopping: 40% of buyers are more likely to make a purchase from a mobile by watching the video.

Video Era

Video services and apps allow us to have a whole film studio in our pocket!

Ann Handley (marketer, entrepreneur)

if you have not yet mastered the video, you are just sitting on the sidelines aNd watching the passing time!

Barry Feldman (marketer, blogger, writer)

21 Effective Video Marketing Strategies

  • Recognition. The video will help you to express yourself, tell the story and idea of the company.
  • Education. What can tell about a product better than a video describing its application and advantages?
  • Team spirit. Show the life of your company, office, employees, everyday affairs, and significant events.
  • TV series. Create whole cycles of videos.
  • One day of life. Shoot a usual working day of the employee or the head of the company.
  • Cheerful leisure. Keeping up with your favorite football team? Show it to everyone!
  • Satisfied staff. Ask the employees why they work for you. What does the company mean to them?
  • Communication with customers. Video chats with clients are a great way to attract the audience. Just shoot a couple of videos on these materials.
  • Thank the customers. Create a thank you video and say “thank you” to everyone who addressed you.
  • Reviews. This is already the classic genre of a content marketing. Make it even more effective with the camera.
  • User-generated content. Organize a contest of video reviews or wishes for your real and potential customers.
  • Interview. Take a video interview with experts group and reputable personalities.
  • Corporate events. In order to shoot them, there is no need for professional equipment. A smartphone is enough.
  • Community activity. Perhaps you have already formed a community of consumers. Shoot the video about them.
  • Live. With video, you can broadcast anything you want.
  • Trade show. Organize a video exhibition of your products, showing a wide range and quality.
  • Demonstrations of products. This is a great way to show your service or product in action.
  • Presentations. Make a presentation or organize an online webinar that teaches the use of products.
  • Tell. Create your own blog or a corporate video blog and shoot new videos regularly.
  • GIF. These animations are equivalent to images and spreads with a lightening speed.

As We Can See

The possibilities of video marketing are unlimited! Without significant investments, you can create amazing and unique content that will help not only in optimizing the conversion but also in the creation of the company’s image and brand recognition.

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video marketing strategies