How Video Testimonials Can Boost Your Sales

video tstimonials

Imagine seeing someone eating an ice cream on a hot summer day. Now imagine seeing a picture of this – looks nice, right? Not as nice as looking at a video of someone enjoying a huge chunk of ice cream while the sun is shining right above his head, though. Which one do you think would make you want the ice cream more – the picture or the video? Yes, it’s pretty obvious. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that video testimonials are proving to be one of the most successful strategies for increasing sales these days.

video testimonials

It all comes down to simple psychology: when we see someone using a product, we’re very likely to see ourselves using it too. This is why a customer testimonial video can go a long way when it comes to building trust in business relationships. This is why you should stop thinking about how to increase conversion rates and start working on a video strategy! Testimonials carry enormous power and they can not only increase sales conversion, but also immensely strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Video Testimonials: Where The Power Lies

The strongest advantage this type of content carries is that it offers customers your message in the format which they mostly engage with: video. We’ve mentioned this before, but considering that over 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, it’s not hard to conclude that video content is able to hold consumers’ interest far longer than anything else.

It’s a fact that it can increase website traffic and help you generate leads and even though video testimonials are difficult to create, they’re considered the most effectyve type of video content. Essentially, the most strenuous task is convincing some of your customers to get in front of a camera and say something that will make more people go out and get your product.

However, it all comes down to what they want: and that is reassurance. People want to be convinced that they’re getting a good deal and that the product they’re buying will satisfy their needs. Funnily, we often tend to trust strangers’ opinions more than those of our friends and family – and this is what makes consumer reviews in the form of video testimonials so powerful.

Video Testimonials And Sales

Did you know that website visitors are 64 percent more likely to follow through with a conversion after they’ve seen a video? Not to mention online shoppers are generally more likely to buy a product if it has reviews and ratings. How many times have you sat there, pondering whether that Ebay seller is a scammer because he has no reviews? We’ve all been there.

It’s all about trust: building trust with customers is a demanding task, but it always pays off. Video testimonials will not only boost your sales: they’ll provide you with returning customers. Once someone believes in a testimonial, buys your product and likes it – they become loyal. In other words, video testimonials can do wonders when it comes to conversion rate optimization.

How To Use Video Testimonials The Right Way

Shooting and editing video testimonials is far from easy and it all starts with the language. Make sure your video speaks in a language your customers understand – no sales or marketing terms. This means that the person talking should be direct, honest and down-to-earth – this will bring your testmonial video the authenticity that will make it resonate with potential buyers.

Furthermore – be specific! You’ve surely heard many of those general testimonials when people say how much they loved the product and how they’ll buy it again because it’s just “so awesome”. That’s a big red flag right there: consumers want to know exactly how this product helped those who bought it. How did it make their lives easier? What was so good about it? How does it fit in their story? You should never provide your customers with a script, nor should you let them say whatever they feel like.

Check out one of the best testimonial video examples from Beaulieu Boatjumble:

Guide them towards answering those questions and finding a way to explain how your product fit into their personal story and what problem it solved. However, if you’re wondering how long your testimonials should be – keep them brief. Buyers don’t want to be overburdened with too much information. It it’s the right duration, it will be one of those videos that makes website visitors  stay on a website an average of 2 minutes longer than those who haven’t seen a video.

One of the best video testimonials tips you can get is to include both good and bad reviews. Many companies are afraid to do this, but research proves consumers trust reviews more when they see both good and bad scores. Building trust with clients becomes way easier when you’re being genuine with them.

A major obstacle businesses face when creating and editing video testimonials is that they don’t have the resources to make something of high quality. This is why 93 percent of companies outsource most of their video content creation to experts in the field. Only 7 percent create their videos in-house, and you don’t need to be one of them if you feel unprepared. We, at Valoso are always here for your video editing needs and we can help you edit your videos without losing your authenticity in the process. Just post your project on our website and we’ll make sure you create a powerful connection with your audience.

video testimonials