7 Video Marketing Lessons from Dude Perfect

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If anyone has perfected the entertaining video, it is Dude Perfect. With over 15 million subscribers and each video eventually getting tens of millions of views, it’s a good idea to study their YouTube channel and discover valuable video marketing lessons.

1. Create Wildly Entertaining yet Kid-Friendly Videos

Parents worldwide are always in search of clean online entertainment for their kids. With Dude Perfect, you have healthy, fun-loving guys working hard to perfect feats of strength – all while using clean language. For those who are looking for videos that are enjoyed by everyone in the family, with no worries about inappropriate language or visuals, videos by Dude Perfect are, well, perfect.

2. Make Authentic Connections

Making a connection with your audience is what keeps them coming back. With fake news flooding everyone’s social media feeds, authenticity is set to be one of 2017 hottest trends. Try to make that connection by addressing themes in everyday life that we can all relate to. Watch how these guys definitively connect to our inner child, and our inner adult as well, in this hysterical edition of “Stereotype Videos”:

3.Double the Fun – Invite Other Celebrities

Even YouTubers that are just starting out can use this idea. Invite other YouTubers in your genre to do a joint video, both of you can share on your channels and you can double your audience. The guys at Dude Perfect like to invite sports stars like the world’s best bowler, Jeff Belmonte. You don’t have to have the world’s best anything – just someone that will add value to your audience.

4. Affiliate Products and Sponsors That Make Sense

The guys at Dude Perfect could probably choose any sponsor they want. But they make intelligent decisions and advertise products that are either directly related to the video content, or to the viewers themselves. In the video below, they’re shown at the end holding the product they are advertising; a product which makes sense to their sports-hungry audience.

5. Use the Standard Video Recipe for Success

Dude Perfect videos always start with an intro telling you exactly what to expect. They then jam pack each video full of exciting and funny content, and round it out with a creative and strong call to action. In a nutshell, they have perfected the process of creating a killer video.

6. Dude Perfect Has Nailed the Call to Action

Developing strong calls to action is extremely important to YouTube video marketers. What should the viewer do now that the video is over? Click on the Dude Perfect video below to see how, at the end, Dude Perfect’s CTA shows them first thanking their audience while all holding the Dude Perfect Nerf products they are advertising. Then they tell their viewers where to get the goods and also ask them to visit them on Twitter and Instagram to receive a special treat.

7. Unforgettable Branding

Dude Perfect has chosen an adorable mascot that makes an appearance in most of their videos, usually unexpectedly. The Panda mascot not only ads more humor, but also brands the channel. Now, when anyone sees a panda, how many think instantly of Dude Perfect?


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Featured Image Credit: 1colt2000 via Wikimedia Commons