Drone Video Marketing Strategy

Drone Video Marketing Strategy

The drone is a high tech device historically used in the military industry. Now, it is fast becoming the next big opportunity to improve your businesses video marketing strategy. From real estate videos, to journalism and wedding videos, a drone video marketing strategy is proven to be an innovative way to meet your marketing needs.

Drones Changing Traditional Journalism

Because of developments in video recording and photo materials, modern journalism has improved tremendously. But the idea of using drones to submit a picture from a new perspective, and with previously inaccessible points of view, lifts journalism to a new level. Drone business opportunities allow you to make a realistic shoot, directly from the place of the event. No need to threaten the safety of the operator, especially when shooting in high-risk areas like war zones or contaminated areas.

Drone Video Marketing Strategy for Real Estate

Real estate agencies, no longer having to show each property in person or via photos and videos, are now actively investing in new technologies for real estate aerial photography. They are now able to do a survey of the real estate from the air. By using a drone, real estate companies can provide potential customers with a virtual tour of their future home or office, inside and out. Truly amazing.

The Benefits of Drones in Architecture

Drones provide an excellent way to capture buildings and the details of their construction. Not only is it much cheaper than hiring a group of photographers, but it also offers a more expansive view. Moreover, many architects are able to use drones for the production of topographic visualization.

Sports Reporting Drones

Drone video footage can also be useful in the field of sports journalism, as you’ve probably seen when watching your favorite team. They can also be used to highlight international sports events. With the help of drones, TV reporters are able to provide a brand new look at sports competitions.

Drone Wedding Videos

Wedding videography is a great way to use drones, not just for creating memories, but in the field of marketing. Unique footage of outdoor weddings can serve as an excellent substitute for conventional photos or traditional movies. Modern photographers and videographers now have a high tech way to improve their marketing strategy thanks to the drone wedding video.

Inspection of Oil Rigs

Oil is a vital resource for most world economies, though it is usually associated with some risk. These risks are reduced by video drones, which can monitor the health and functionality of wells and rigs.

Drones in Farming

Drones that are equipped with an infrared camera, can then determine the amount of chlorophyll in the plants. If the farmer knows exactly which plants are depleted, he knows which field sites require fertilizers and pesticides. Drones can also help determine soil conditions, which helps inform the farmer when watering is necessary. As a result, a drone video marketing strategy helps the farmer work more efficiently.

Drone Tourism

Many of today’s travel agencies use drones for filming, which allows their customers to see beauty of the places they want to visit. Using a drone, it is very simple to create a video of the hotel and its surrounding area, parks, and attractions.

As you can see, a drone is a perfect tool for creating unique and imaginative video frames. Once you develop a drone video marketing plan, visit Valoso for help in video editing. This way, your business can make the most of your drone video footage.

Image Credit: ChipDizard