5 Essential Video Techniques for a Limited Budget

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The first thing that many novice videographers worry about might sound something like this, “I need to get an expensive camera for my video shoot, a cool microphone, and a studio!” But to create high-quality, original videos, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on pricey equipment and facilities, video editing, staff and so on. Not when there are so many video techniques and tricks to save you money on marketing and video production!

Above all, you need to plan the shooting budget with your specific needs in mind. But if there is not a lot of money lining your pockets, it’s time to get acquainted with our techniques, which will help you save money on video production.

1. Rent Equipment or Use Low-Cost Analogues

There are many examples of effective videos that can be created with an ordinary video camera or even a smartphone. However, if you decide to shoot a video using professional equipment only, rent it! You save considerably, gain experience and get a chance to use a variety of tools and determine which ones work best for you and which are most convenient to operate.

2. Use Free Locations

This is one of the most significant video techniques for shooting. Renting a professional studio can drive up your video production costs. Why do this if you have the opportunity to shoot a video on the street where the lighting is usually much better than in a studio? But be careful. Such video techniques, like outdoor shooting, have their drawbacks, like background noise, unsuitable weather conditions, and possible bans on video recording.

You can also equip an elementary studio right at home. There are plenty of useful YouTube tutorials to learn how to set up the light and maximize the chromakey effect  in your home studio. This will help assure your video is high quality. Properly prepare and choose the right place and time, and then you can save even more money.

3. Hire Aspiring Actors or Students

If your idea involves main characters or extras, don’t feel like you have to contact professional actors. Their charges can be quite high, and the goal here is to save you money.

There’s a huge number of people willing to act in your video. Aspiring actors are happy to become the heroes of your project to beef up their portfolio, and the theater students will also be working with you for the sake of gaining experience. Make it an enjoyable experience for those that are volunteering; make the atmosphere friendly to promote creativity.

4. Help Yourself by Helping Others

If you have great ideas but no money to implement them – use collaboration. Look for colleagues and jointly create cool videos. Offer to help other budding marketers and creators, and then you will also be able to count on their help in creating your own videos.


Image Credit: IIL Blog

This also applies to equipment, locations, and different video techniques for shooting. Do not be afraid of rejection; you will find people for mutual assistance sooner or later. In other words, seek and you shall find!

5. Analyze the Video Techniques You Used

After the completion of video production, count the money spent and compare it. How can this information help you plan the budget for future videos more accurately? Analyze and ponder on what could be saved and what is not be enough for the realization of the planned project. Simply put, learn from your mistakes.

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