Stop Illegal Video Shooting with a DroneGun


Today we have the opportunity to observe how drones can directly capture a market. More and more people are buying drones for shooting videos for everything from formal weddings to casual entertainment. With popularity growing, drones are now equipped with an interesting new function; they learn new things, like how to reassemble after a fall. In response to the preponderance of drones, a new market is cropping up.  And DroneGun by Droneshield has developed the next revolutionary gadget in the world of drones and aerial videography.

Like everything in this world, drones have a downside. By using the remote control function, paparazzi and simply malevolent people can penetrate into private lives and conduct undetected video shooting. Who likes this? I don’t think anyone wants drones flying over their private property or events getting video content that is not authorized nor intended for them. This farmer certainly didn’t…

So people do not have to resort to throwing stones at drones, and to fire the aerial spy out of the sky, scientists invented a new tool that is safe for humans yet extremely dangerous for drones.

How DroneGun Works?

DroneGun is the new king of anti-drone weapons. This large gun, right out of old action movies, can shoot down drones at a distance of up to 2 kilometers. Dronegun uses the principle that most other military systems use to combat drones: that of directed radio waves, knocking the flight of the device off course. Radio waves interrupt the signal from the control panel. As a consequence, the drone returns to the place of its dispatch or begins to decrease gently, when encountering such an obstacle. There are many similar systems but Dronegun looks cooler and it is much easier to use. It’s very similar to a weapon from a computer game or action movie.

drone gun

Full-scale defense systems have a radius of 8 km, but Dronegun is not for large-scale military use. It’s portable, perfect for instant use on a threat that is close. The weapon has the style of a gun like that of a laser tag or ghostbusters weapon; the user can hide it in a backpack, and if necessary, pull it out quickly. The owner of the real estate who happens to see a drone, can get a DroneGun, aim it at the drone, release electromagnetic waves, and knock it out of the way. Moreover, DroneGun can jam the GPS signal as well, thereby causing the light device to drop and stop.


Dronegun Possiblities

A similar device, Batelle DroneDefender, can suppress drone signals at a radius of 400 meters, expanding on the possibilities. But DroneGun still outshines simply by looking so impressive. And thanks to it, people may soon be able to stop unwanted video shooting while eliminating drones from your property. As of this date, the manufacturing of DroneGuns has not been approved for commercial sale by the FCC. Hopefully, this will happen soon!

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