5 Video Ideas That Will Breathe Life Into Your Blog

video ideas

It’s no secret that images and videos make blogs more engaging. According to a Xerox study, people’s willingness to read a piece of content increases by 80% when visuals are added. While too much text can be a chore to read, video can boost your  websites’s SEO ranking by 58%. When your blog has videos, search engine users looking for content like yours get results from both your text posts and your videos.  So how do you capitalize on this knowledge to enhance your blog? Check out these 5 video ideas that can breathe life into your blog:

The “Promo” Video

When you use a promotional video, more people who aren’t familiar with your blog are going to notice. Videos are one of the most shareable forms of content. When your promo clip is short and entertaining, there’s a good chance it is gathering gather momentum across your social media platforms.

You have a lot of creative flexibility with the promo format. You can make a trailer for a blog post for instance, or even organize a skit. This Apple corporate video showing the company’s accomplishments and is shot on an iPhone in one day in fifteen different countries.

“About Me” Video Ideas

Every blog has an “About” page, but using a video in place of or in addition to the text can significantly improve your personal brand. Let’s consider the benefits of an about me video. It can:

  1. Show personality and strengthen your personal relationship with your audience.
  2. Quickly inform your audience of who you are and what you do.
  3. Establish a tone for your blog. It’s harder to communicate mood and tone of voice through text than it is through video.

The “How-to” Video

Many vloggers have built their businesses using how-to videos and tutorials. Sharing your individual insights on a topic and showing someone how to achieve a goal educates people and boosts your credibility.

Michelle Phan, a popular YouTuber, built her brand off of her DIY makeup tutorials. As a prime example of how you can reach a large amount of people by sharing an individual skill set, she demonstrates many successful how-to techniques. Watching her tutorials teaches you how to get noticed, and the variety in her content provides you with other good video ideas.

Television presenter in a green screen TV studio, seen through the LCD display of a digital camera. Selective focus on the viewfinder.

The “B-roll Montage”

B-roll footage is supplemental footage that may or may not be used in a video. In a documentary style video for example, A-roll footage is the talking head footage, or the bits where someone is being interviewed. Alternatively, B-roll is the footage of a landscape or scene that plays during a transition.

The best part about B-roll footage is that it does not require acting or voice-over. Putting text titles over video can be just as engaging, if it complements the videos’ aesthetic and is easy to read. In the example below, a story is told with no text at all. Visually-driven video is a good place to start if you aren’t used to creating video.

The “Q & A”

Q & A videos are simple if you already have an audience and get common questions on your blog or social media. If you have an audience but don’t get many questions, try advertising an upcoming Q & A video and ask your readers to send in questions. This type of video can help you build an audience,  or even build a better relationship with your audience. People love getting shout-outs when you answer their questions because it makes them feel like they’re having a conversation with you.

When you put your videos on YouTube, it’s easier to then share on your website or social media site. Your unique brand, skills, and style influence whatever video content you put out there. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your creativity. Instead, show people why they should follow your content!