18 Expert Strategies for Capturing the Perfect Wedding Video

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Wedding videography is one of the most exciting parts of your special day. Wedding video and photography allows you to hold onto the best memories forever. When it comes to a wedding ceremony video, researching simple yet effective strategies beforehand will give you a leg up on your big day.

Just like you would read a guide to men’s rings before getting the one, same applies for your most important day! Check out the examples and tips below to create the perfect wedding video yourself.

1. Choose creative filming styles.

Have guests shoot videos from their smart phones, set up a GoPro or two, use a drone to capture the perfect aerial shots, or consider 360-degree video.

2. Analyze successful wedding video examples.

Instead of brainstorming yourself to death, take some time to study successful wedding videos online. Collaborate with friends and family for their thoughts, as well.

3. Define your backgrounds.

Before filming, plan out where the filming will take place and envision the backgrounds. Simple yet stunning backgrounds reduce the visual noise in your video.

4. Prepare your lighting.

Lighting errors can be enhanced in postproduction, but not by a lot. Prepare for various wedding video lighting situations by testing out your equipment beforehand.

5. Avoid text.

One of the most unique wedding video ideas is omitting text. Save the cursive fonts for the wedding invitations. If you choose to use text, make your font stand out clearly.

6. Remember audio quality.

If you plan on recording wedding video vows or toasts, audio quality is just as important as video quality. Renting out a high-quality microphone is a worthwhile investment.

7. Optimize for social media.

Most people want to share their special day with their friends on social media. Sharing a wedding video online is best done when the video is accessible and attention-grabbing.

8. Choose a low-key song.

Wedding video songs should never detract from the actual footage. Songs should be chosen to support your wedding video, not override it. Simple or peaceful music is a good idea.

9. Make it personal.

Everyone has seen wedding videos before, whether on a VHS tape or on social media. Make a video that’s personal to your experience instead of promoting cliches.

10. Strategize B-roll footage.

The bride and groom should not take up the entirety of your wedding video production. Capture friends, family, guests, scenery, and objects to incorporate into your movie.

11. Play around with the transitions.

Transitions can actually be a tricky facet of wedding video editing. You want your video to flow smoothly; the wedding video transitions should not be used as a flashy distraction.

12. Move around.

Capture footage of movement–walking, talking, clapping, dancing, laughing, kissing. That’s what video is all about. Remember stabilize the camera, though.

13. Maximize your resolution.

4K wedding videos will be forever remembered and enjoyed. In 2017, this kind of quality is within reach, and can be accomplished with the right equipment and editing.

14. Don’t experiment too much.

Although you should definitely shoot a wedding video that stands out, you might regret it if you do not capture traditional shots, such as the first dance and the best man’s toast.

15. Capture raw footage.

The majority of your movie should be raw. If you want staged romance, watch The Notebook, not a life-changing moment in a real-life romance.

16. Have fun.

Consider having a little fun with your video! Keep the laughs coming for years by including bloopers, unconventional first dances, or alternative song choices.

17. Consider live stream.

Wedding video live streaming is more than a fleeting trend. It is a creative way to connect with more people across the map during your special day.

18. Cut it down.

Wedding videos should not be more than a few minutes. You don’t have to get rid of the footage you don’t use, but try to be more conservative when editing a wedding video.

Perfecting Your Wedding Video

Creating a video is not a one-person job. If any of these production ideas seem a little overwhelming, don’t worry. At Valoso, you can hire a team of professional videographers and video editors to give you the best video for your wedding without the hassle. Click on the banner below to receive a free quote for your wedding video project.

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