What to Post on Instagram: The 10 Best Branded Videos

Branded video on Instagram

Social media marketing, though essential to any business, can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why it’s important to include creative content using methods specifically geared towards Instagram branded videos. Although Instagram is an image-based social network, video content on this platform is just as relevant. Any social media campaign is boosted by offering your followers the best possible branded Instagram videos.

Instagram video content may not be at the top of your social marketing to-do list, but Instagram as a marketing tool can actually be powerfully persuasive. It is one of the top social networking apps, so why not use Instagram brand marketing to your business’s advantage? Video is an unquestionable asset for native advertising and social media marketing.

When you put the two together–video and Instagram–your brand will be unstoppable. Following the most successful types of branded content will put your startup one step ahead of the game. So check out the branded content examples below to start picking up some ideas for your Instagram social media strategy.

1. Give a How-To Lesson – But Add Some Funk

my entry for #whphowicook 2 hours of fun with th whp @instagram

A video posted by liviasala (@liviasala) on

This is probably one of my favorites out of all the Instagram videos here. You are pulled into the video by a familiar, hypnotizing song, then carried through the rest of the video by a little bit of humor and funk. When creating your own Instagram videos, don’t make it all about the practical content (e.g., how to prepare ravioli). Make it about adding some smiles to your viewer’s day.

2. Be Real – Go Behind the Scenes


A video posted by Verve Coffee Roasters (@vervecoffee) on

Not only does this video take you behind the scenes, but it appeals to your taste buds. Doesn’t that coffee cream look delectable? The video lacks background music, which adds to its simple feel. Try taking your Instagram followers behind the scenes of what you do at your company, whether it be creating a product, talking with customers, or daily employee meet ups.

3. Open Your Viewers’ Eyes to a New Culture

Culture is something everyone has, but most people don’t understand other, different cultures. Introducing your Instagram followers to a new culture will inspire them and provide some social insight that they will thank you for. Doing so will show that your brand has guts and is on a mission to include everyone in your journey.

4. Tell Your Followers a Story

A glimpse behind the scenes of the #Burberry Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 show, #London

A video posted by Burberry (@burberry) on

This one is almost a given. Everyone loves a good story, right? If you want to spread a message on Instagram, try articulating it in a story. Viewers will connect with the story and, in turn, connect with your brand. Of course, be creative. Instead of focusing on a main character who is part of your target audience (say, a real estate agent who earns over $50,000), focus on how your brand affects those outside of your niche.

5. Excite Your Followers for a New Product in a Unique Way

Let us roll one for you. Brrritos available on 4.20 in US Scoop Shops.

A video posted by Ben & Jerry's (@benandjerrys) on

Don’t just say, “Hey, X product is coming out in just 3 more days. Check it out!” No, no, no. Make your readers crave your product before it’s even available. If you are introducing a new line of jewelry, show the fine detail and delicate work that goes into its creation. If you are about to launch a financial wellbeing program, display the results that taking your course will bring: becoming debt-free, buying a house, saving your marriage, etc.

6. Involve Big Brands and Personalities

Space Shorts are here to stay. Just ask @gwenstefani. #SNL

A video posted by Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) on

Including well-known brand names and personalities in your videos will make your social media presence flourish. You may be wondering, how do I get the big guys to get involved with me, a small startup? It might not be as daunting as it sounds. Just attend events like conventions, concerts, and shows to hook up with big names. They don’t even have to know you’re filming them, either (like in the clip above)!

7. Score Some Epic Exclusive Footage

Big brands, big Instagramers stand out because they offer unique branded video content that is worth watching. Of course, not all of your videos have to be extraordinary to stand out, but throwing in a couple of exclusives that will wow your audience will pay off. Maybe hang around the local zoo, go to a few concerts, check out the school science fair, and involve yourself in the community to discover incredible, Instagram-worthy events.

8. Create a Relatable Mixture of Everyday & Random – They’re Basically the Same!

Make branded videos that your target audience will relate to, and then sprinkle in some unpredictability. Notice, in the video above, IKEA could have shown a father casually walking to the dinner table then slipping on the rug, but, instead, they gave us something even better, something more entertaining and spontaneous. Learn from them!

9. Show off Your Animation Skills

Exploit stop motion, live action special effects, and animation–anything that will add some creativity to your videos. Dividing up content for your branded videos among different types of production will not only widen your audience scope, but it will also take your crew on an artistic new endeavor. If you don’t have any animators on your team, you can always hire skilled freelancers to do a one-time job for you.

10. Celebrate a Holiday or Live Event

The whole point of social media is staying connected with your followers, and filming live events and celebrating the season will only solidify your efforts. When you put in the effort to build this kind of foundational relationship with your followers, they will stay loyal to your brand. Try sharing a live convention or creating a holiday sketch for your Instagram. An unconventional idea may be to focus on an uncommon holiday. For example, June 23 is National Pink Day.

An Essential Tool for Your Instagram Branded Videos

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