How to Build a Successful Brand Using Video: Five Key Rules

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Visual stories largely determine the success of your brand, so the ability to create the right video is critical to all communications. Why do some brands manage to use video better than others? In this article, we will show you how to effectively use brand video production and list the steps to building a brand video strategy that promotes your values!

1. Start with Your Idea

Like any great idea, building a brand video marketing strategy begins with a concept. You must answer the basic questions about the message, the concept and the purpose of your brand. A clear understanding of these three things will help you move on to the next stage.

Try to envision a brand in your imagination. How will your audience see it? What message do you want it to convey? What do you want to report about yourself? Display these thoughts and feelings in your mind. The image of your brand should be clear. You need to be consistent in your choice of visual materials and choose harmonious visual means.

This is a great example of a terrible brand video by Logitech. Initially not the best idea. Users criticized it, saying it was so bad it triggered epileptic seizures while watching.

2. Edit Your Content Mercilessly

After you collect all the videos in one place, turn into a ruthless editor. Looking through your material, you will begin to notice duplicate scenes, flaws in video quality, post-processing drawbacks, plot problems and so on. Take time and filter it out properly – so you narrow your understanding of the brand to the most necessary and truly important video content.

This is probably the most difficult part of the process but it’s the most important part since it helps you to concentrate on those videos that reflect your brand most accurately and improve your video brand awareness. A good way to pass this stage successfully is to put yourself in the place of your audience. Imagine the interests of people who may be inspired by your product or service.

3. Match the Video Style

Aesthetics and trends do not stand still. You need to know the basic styles and trends of video marketing (i.e. retro style, minimalism, animated video, storytelling etc.) Take the time to familiarize yourself with each of the various styles – so you will understand which category your brand belongs to. Building a brand strategy using video is quite complex, so its implementation should be organized properly.

4. Try to Tell the Story in Your Brand Video Strategy

Critically evaluate your video. Each time, ask yourself: “What does this video convey?” Select the frames that will help you tell the story; create a holistic narrative. When you think about how to tell a story through video, the unity of style will come to your rescue. Probably, you will begin to notice similar scenes and your videos will become more consistent. Brand video storytelling could be one of the most essential brand strategy components.

Here is an example of brilliant video brand storytelling by Lamborghini

5. Give Preference to Quality and Originality

Creating non-standard videos with unusual themes, camera angles, and compositions will attract a wider audience. Be creative! Allow yourself to experiment in your video brand strategy development without forgetting about quality and consistency. In the end, your brand strategy will not make sense if it doesn’t come with sufficient quality and creativity.

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