5 Tech Tips for Creating Impressive Mobile Videos

mobile videos

83% of millennials use their mobile devices to search for products and 69% of them will buy those products in minutes. The biggest factor affecting their decision to purchase is the impact of your mobile videos.

Utilizing smartphone video production can be a fruitful quest for entrepreneurs. In fact, it is a fast, engaging and fun way to attract probable customers and it continues to grow. Once you have a mobile video plan, be aware of the following technicalities so your video meets all the mobile friendly requirements.

Do Your Mobile Videos Respond Accordingly to the Device’s Efficiency?

The video format of your advertisement has to be mobile-friendly so you can start off by detecting the users’ bandwidth. The bandwidth demonstrates how fast the mobile phones allow the audience to stream or download video content.

Platforms such as SproutVideo, Wistia or OneMob will make sure the content reaches rapidly to the public. The quality of the video will thus be enhanced or lowered based on the bandwidth capacity.

Be Attentive to Mobile Video Format

Leverage for video content for iPhones is improved with mobile HTML5 video. HTML5 is a markup language used for presenting content on the web. This means that it is no longer necessary to have a plug-in in order to watch a commercial. It also uses much less of the system’s resources. HTML videos are therefore the easiest way to implement a video in webpages or apps.


Videos need to be converted to a suitable format. To be safe, it is best to encode all of them into one of the standard formats like H.264 or MP4. Using HTML5, video formats supported by iPhone can quickly be added onto an app or a website. The same process can be done with video formats for Android smartphones. If this seems confusing, you can learn more about HTML5 by watching this series of videos explaining HTML5:

Smaller Screens Don’t Have to Be a Disadvantage

Consider adding text to your video, since the display is not as large as a computer’s display. It can be smoothly incorporated into the message and big enough to be read effortlessly.

Useful Smartphone Video Tips

Holding the phone horizontally while watching videos is not practical. That’s the main reason why imDown created vertical screen iPhone friendly video format. The results were staggering. Videos became more captivating while providing the best user experience. They also created the option of moving past frame boundaries. This way, users can concentrate not only on the whole video but the sections they find most compelling.

One often overlooked part of creating a video for mobile devices is the audio quality. Even though social media sites such as Facebook omit audio from the news feed videos, sound does serve its purpose on most platforms. Add a pleasant voice or music with high quality to the video for a winning combination.

Getting the Best Results from Your Mobile Videos

The last step in creating impressive mobile videos is finding professionals to take care of video production. If you’re looking for results, contact us at Valoso, where a team of experts can help you build the most innovative and original videos for your business.