5 Easy Ways to Attract an Instagram Audience With No Budget

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We all have different tasks, budgets, and products. One company can hire Instagram promotion companies and is ready to spend the big budget for Instagram promotion, while another solves its tasks for with a reasonable amount of funds. This article does not contain the universal advice for everyone, but I’ll try to tell you what to do in the face of tight financial constraints; you’ll learn how to promote your company’s Instagram account for those without the cost of expensive, cool Instagram promotion ideas.

1. A Bright Start for Instagram Promotion

Make a quick and crushing start for your Instagram promotion strategy. Fill it with original content using Instagram videos and photos and start advertising. First of all, use all existing channels: other communities of Instagram brand promotion in social media, mailing to your customer base, a widget on your website, push notification in the app, and so on. Share this amazing news! Ask your most active partners and clients to write a “welcome post” for you.

2. Re-Linking and Mentioning

Mentions, re-links, and outposts work best in Instagram promotion. Try to post the existing works and always tag photographers and videographers both in the signature and in the video/photo itself. If there is an opportunity to mention someone else – do it! Thus, the photos and videos fall into their profiles, and you have additional coverage. The designer or videographer, who saw that his photo/video is ranking high in your Instagram promotion account, will surely make a repost and boast of this news with his subscribers. The same applies to places where the video or photo was taken: the district, the village, the residential complex – all these works.

3. Calls to Action and Competitions

Do not hesitate to hold competitions with the call to action, “tag a friend in the commentary”. Sometimes you can graciously ask people to celebrate their friends: “Tag your girlfriend who will use this color of lipstick”, “Tag your mother if you want to wish her a good day,” and so on. It may surprise you, but subscribers often will do this with pleasure.

instagram promotion ideas

4. Bloggers

In general, we can talk about some kind of media weight, starting from 5000 subscribers. In this situation, you can easily start partnership projects with bloggers of your sphere. Try to cooperate with bloggers only on a free basis, so you will always be engaged in the generation of projects that will allow you to announce each other fully.

With the growth of your account, opportunities for collaboration with bloggers are also growing. By the way, within the stories, you can also add mentions of the page, so the announcement can be fully recorded as a video invitation, especially if the blogger actively uses stories and has good coverage there.

5. Optimize with a Hashtag

If you hold some kind of master class, ask all participants to spread the results in Instagram with the appropriate hashtag. As a rule, for one event, you can get from 5 to 10 good posts by your audience.

Of course, all the above Instagram marketing tools are suitable for promoting an altruistic project with a good idea. If you sell something, then the stories can be much more involved. Offer at least a 5% discount for those who follow your Instagram account.

That’s it! Now you know how to use Instagram for advertising with no money. And as you can see, having an Instagram promotion budget is not a serious obstacle to your social media marketing strategy. Finally, keep learning about Instagram promotion ideas by checking this video from the famous designer Will Paterson.

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instagram promotion ideas