11 Event Marketing Campaigns You Won’t Believe Actually Worked

event marketing campaigns

The most memorable event marketing campaigns are the ones that stun us all. Many creative event marketing campaigns turned out to be major cruxes in a company’s advertising strategy.

Your event marketing campaign plan can have this same success. All you have to do is check out the event marketing campaign ideas below and brainstorm a strategy that fits your business model. What type of experiential marketing will your audience fall in love with? That’s for you to find out—start your research below!

1. Facebook – IQ Live

Facebook’s IQ Live event took social media marketing to a whole new level. Among other examples of event marketing campaigns, IQ Live makes the most impact by bringing the social network to life. The event set up rooms to demonstrate how users take advantage of Facebook in their daily lives and how this information benefits marketers.

Takeaway: Make your brand statement tangible. The purpose of experiential marketing is to bring your audience to your brand—literally.

2. Refinery29 – 29Rooms

Refinery29 is a media and entertainment company centered around young women. The brand hosted one of the most successful event marketing campaigns when it created an artsy fun house exhibit. The exhibit also helped give Refinery29 major publicity and pull in a lot of new consumers.

Takeaway: Event based marketing campaigns should be fun. Never let boring speakers and mundane workshops conquer your event!

3. Mormon.org – Light The World

Mormon.org, an informational outlet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, hosted a 2017 Christmas campaign to inspire generosity and charity. The central “stunt” of the campaign included placing a unique vending machine in central Salt Lake City and filming the results.

Takeaway: Focus on the human aspect of your business. People’s hearts are open when you inspire an atmosphere of generosity as opposed to financial greed.

4. Google – Building a Better Bay Area

One of the top event marketing campaigns includes Google’s “Bay Area Impact Challenge.” The company donated $5 million to support a cause in the San Francisco Bay Area. The catch is, civilians had to vote for where the money would go.

Takeaway: Involve the community. Especially if your target audience is located in one particular area, show your followers that you care by supporting the community.

5. Casper – Nap Tour

Casper, founded in 2013, is an e-commerce company that sells mattresses to consumers online. As a promotional stunt, the brand built a trailer of nap pods equipped with their own mattresses then went on a cross-country tour. The Nap Tour is still going on in 2018 as Casper expands to Canada.

Takeaway: Give your customers what they really want. Find your audience and show them what your brand has to offer.

6. XFINITY – Drive-Out Cinema

Obviously, every event should include its attendees in the experience. But here, XFINITY takes this concept to the next level. Of course, mimicking XFINITY’S experiential marketing plan would be expensive. However, you can still find fun, exciting ways to team up with other brands and bring your customers into your world.

Takeaway: Incorporate real fans in the promotion. By including fans in your event promo videos, you add to the authenticity of the experience.

7. HBO – Escape the Room

The best event marketing campaigns combine their brand with the trends of today. Escape rooms have become especially popular over the past few years. So, HBO took advantage of this growing trend to create branded escape rooms to promote their new shows, VEEP, Silicon Valley, and Game of Thrones.

Takeaway: Research upcoming trends in your niche. Make these trends your own to jumpstart your event marketing strategy.

8. Cotopaxi – Questival

Cotopaxi hosted a 24-hour adventure race, dubbed a “questival,” to promote their brand to the public. Next, their event campaign brought Cotopaxi to prominency in the outdoor industry. The questival is innovative, striking, and, best of all, recurring. So, they have expanded their campaign to several locations to hook outdoorsy consumers on their brand.

Takeaway: Bring crowds to your event. Target marketing is essential for your event (and your brand) to thrive, but you can still make your event stand out in your niche.

9. David Lloyd – Napercise

Another nap-themed event campaign, David Lloyd set out to secure more consumers for its exclusive racquet club memberships. The event, though seemingly a parody of traditional fitness classes, sets out to show the audience that David Lloyds cares about their health and wellbeing. The event promo video is also backed up by statistics to support their cause.

Takeaway: Show your audience that you care. Instead of over-energizing your consumers, give them a safe haven of relaxation and support at your brand.

10. Zappos – Pay With A Cupcake

In this event campaign, Zappos combatted its competition. The company set up a booth that gave out free Zappos products in return for the customer giving up his “cupcake commitment” with the other brand. Above all, Zappos promised to make the customers happier with their brand.

Takeaway: Stand out from competing brands. Show your audience exactly why your business is better than the competition.

11. Red Bull – Stratos

Red Bull, a popular energy drink company, set out to create a new world record for highest free fall. The stunt devil, Felix Baumgartner, jumped from 128,100 feet and reached over 843 mph, breaking the sound barrier. This wild event gained Red Bull tens of millions of views online and established the company as a groundbreaking leader.

Takeaway: Go big or go home. No matter how small your startup is, you can use event marketing to change history.


If you have yet to host an event, now is the time to start. Do your target market research, brainstorm a fresh idea for your audience, then plan your next event.

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