14 High Performing Video Marketing Strategies for Self Publishers

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Self-publishing is not just a fading Amazon fad. In fact, even though Amazon has dominated the self-publishing industry in recent years, this is really only the beginning. Online platforms for authors, creators and self-publishers have been growing annually with sites like Pronoun Publishing leading the way. The market for self-publishers has widened exponentially so the need for effective video marketing strategies has become paramount.

Video marketing has become fully entrenched in almost every online market. It’s no surprise that the ever growing self-publishing industry, inhabited by entrepreneurs and freelancers, has taken hold of the highest performing method of advertising:  Video Marketing. Find out how leading self-publishers are outselling their competitors in these 14 ways to use video marketing for self-publishers.

Video Landing Pages

This is an especially effective method if you are growing an email list. Analytics in email providers like GetResponse clearly show that when promoting your book using a landing page with a video, it translates into a much higher click through rate than with text and images only.

Self Publishing Tutorials

Many authors and self-publishers have found a unique way to draw additional audience segments to their books:  Video Tutorials. Friedlander predicts that more indie authors will become indie publishers by assisting other writers in bringing their books to market in 2017. “They figure out book publishing on a small scale with their own books, and then they say, ‘I could help Jane out with her books,’ and it’s a natural evolution.”  Dale Roberts is a perfect example of a successful author adding to his publishing business by answering the questions of other up and coming indie authors, in video format. He offers the latest tips about everything from Pronoun Publishing to how to get reviews.

Video Review Testimonials

As those of us in the industry already know, getting reviews for your books can be like a part-time job in itself. Many self-publishers have successfully utilized the technique of enticing beta readers from their email list to preview and review their books, which is one of the few ways to legally and proactively get a book review on Amazon.

In my experience, usually between 5-10 subscribers will commit to previewing the book and posting a review during the launch. If these dedicated readers were happy to do that, these would be the exact people to ask to do a quick video testimonial for your book. People love video reviews and it can be reused in a number of ways, including posting on YouTube, sharing on your Facebook author page, and offering it at your website, to name a few.

Animated Book Reviews & Summaries

Chances are if you are deep into self-publishing, you already have an email list of subscribers who are ready to read your next publication. But sending them a link to your book with a snippet description and the cover image is not enough in today’s attention-grabbing social media environment. Check out this YouTube creator’s unique animated book reviews, they might be perfect for your brand or inspire other creative summary ideas.

Facebook Author Page Video

Facebook has created an uber easy author page platform – a Facebook Author Page. Set it up in minutes and get access to your friend list. Facebook favors videos that are uploaded there (as opposed to YouTube) and if you want to truly step up your game, live stream a video about your upcoming release and watch it hit every one of your friend’s news feeds.

Amazon Author Page Video

Many authors and publishers, especially when starting out, rely heavily on Amazon for marketing and selling their books. A video on the Amazon author page is the best way to get attention amongst the gads of books available to Amazon shoppers. You can post a video author interview, a book signing video, or record yourself reading a snippet of your book. It’s easy to set it up using Amazon’s step by step instructions to uploading an Author Page video.

Posting in Facebook Groups

Many of you may be thinking what a waste of time! But what if you can find an engaged audience in a niche specific Facebook group? Immediately start spending some time adding value to the group. These are some of the people who will check you out organically and support you after seeing your obvious knowledge for the topic.

Most Facebook groups discourage or outright ban self-promotion. But posting a relevant video that answers a question and adds value to the group is perfectly fine. If you are active in the group in helping others and asking questions, you can feel free to post your video. Just make sure it fits organically with the discussion. People will come to know you. And since they are in your same niche, some will naturally want to know more about you and end up subscribing to your channel and buying your books. Niche Facebook groups are not places for you to blast your offer, but they are perfect for building lasting connections.

The YouTube Audience Build

Use YouTube to build an audience that loves your content and can’t wait for your next book. Post a video interacting with them to find out what they want in upcoming books. Or, you could find some way for them to be directly involved with the content, such as having a contest for the best alternative ending. Send your YouTube video to your email subscribers. Share on social media and start getting involved with other niche specific YouTube channels to build collaborations.

Create a Video Book Trailer

Give a glimpse of your book and create buzz about your upcoming launch by putting together a video trailer for your book. Find out how in the video below:

Video Course for Your Niche in Pronoun Publishing, etc.

Many online course platforms from Thinkific to Udemy give you a free way to upload a video course. Use the text of your bestselling book to create an interactive video how-to. Pronoun is a self-publishing environment that offers multiple ways of marketing your book, including creating a video course.

Author Video Collaborations

Growing a YouTube list to bring attention to your line of books is simple when you include authentic collaborations. Look for channels and creators posting similar content that have an engaged audience, even it’s small. You want someone that has a similar message, and about the same amount of subscribers as you have. Then, you can learn and grow together. When you collaborate on a video together, it gets posted on both channels. Voila, you just doubled your video audience.

Video Q & As

Notify your subscribers that you are looking for questions to answer in an upcoming live streamed Q & A. Choose a certain amount of questions and address them live to your audience on a predetermined date. The video can also be used later as promotional content in places like your Facebook Author page or your Pronoun Publishing homepage.

Book Giveaway/Contest Video

Do a livestream on Facebook and share it across your social media outlets. The contest could be awarding the first ten people to comment with a free copy of your book. Be creative and take into consideration the feedback you’ve been given by your audience. Use their comments to come up with a shareable giveaway idea.

Video Teasers/Short Reading

This tip is particularly helpful for authors who write series of books. They can record themselves on video, reading aloud a juicy yet incomplete selection of their upcoming book. They’ll have readers begging for more.

You’ve just learned the top video marketing techniques successful self-publishers are using to promote their books. Try one of these methods or all of them. Or maybe you now have enough information to come up with your own unique video marketing idea that’s perfect for YOUR book.

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