6 Last-Minute Easter Video ideas

easter video ideas

It’s that time of the year again! No, it’s not Christmas yet… but it is almost Easter! We know there are a lot of restless vloggers out there brainstorming on Easter video ideas for their YouTube channels. Don’t you worry: we’re here to help.

When it comes to Easter, there’s so much you can do that it was really hard for us to not write a 5000 word article to help you out! From an Easter celebration video to chocolate eggs videos or even theatrical videos where you make an authentic Easter play – not even the sky is a limit! So, don’t give up just yet: check out our list first and get to work!

Easter Egg How-To Video

Decorating your Easter eggs shouldn’t be boring – and it definitely shouldn’t be perceived as just something you need to do! Go all out with some simple but crafty ideas to spur creativity among your followers.

Easter Dinner Tips

Many people out there have trouble coming up with dinner ideas in general – imagine their annoyance when they can’t come up with something interesting for Easter! Even worse: many people don’t even like cooking and want to get it over with fast, so they can enjoy the rest of the holiday. Come up with some simple and delicious ideas and share them with your audience – trust me, they’ll appreciate it! This could also turn out to be a great Easter video for church – people often display YouTube videos there to see some tips and inspiration.

Easter Video With Fancy Desert Recipes

You can always go in a different direction and, if you’re great at cooking, show your followers how to easily make something that looks painfully difficult – like an egg cake. This could also turn out to be an interesting Easter story video if you add some authentic human figures to your desert and tell the story of why we celebrate Easter!

Handmade Easter Crafts

There’s nothing that would impress people more than simple decoration ideas! A lot of us usually ignore decorations completely because we don’t think we are able to or have the patience to create something beautiful. YouTube videos really help with this, so if you’re good with your hands – start brainstorming on clever Easter video decoration ideas! From Easter baskets to origami chickens laying eggs, your options are infinite!

Give The Floor To Your Kids/Pets

When it comes to Easter video ideas, you can never go wrong with filming your children or pets doing something ridiculously funny. Do you have a bunny? Make a funny Easter bunny video! We all know how crazy everyone goes over cat videos, don’t we? There’s a reason for that – they’re (usually) fun! It could turn out to be a super fun Easter video for kids, which means a lot of parents wold be watching as well!

How About A Time Lapse ?

The online fascination with time lapse videos is definitely justified – it’s still considered something new and exciting, plus it creates a personal feel and it showcases how much effort you put into the project. Try making a time lapse Easter video where you show off all the preparations leading up to the celebration, the dinner and even what happens afterwards. How about an Easter egg hunt video? Ask people to share how their evening went! Maybe you’ll inspire some more time lapse videos.

If you’re new to the vlogging world, or even if you’re an oldie, you’ve probably faced trouble when editing your videos. On special occasions like Easter, you have a real chance to reach a large number of people if your video is creative, of good quality and perfectly edited. We can help with the editing! Just post your project on our website and we’ll do our best to send you back a perfect video!

easter video ideas
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