Top 5 Reasons to Use Animation in Video Marketing

animated video

Back in the days before the Internet, when information was in short supply, consumers spent a lot of time researching before buying. Now, with information in excess and the speed of absorption and processing rising all the time, marketers are given a minuscule amount of time to promote their product or service. Thankfully, animated video lets marketers use that time to the fullest in an accessible and understandable way. 

Animation, as a way of presenting information, is becoming more and more popular in the video industry. The following advantages will help prove that animation and video is an explosive mix for any industry, any content, and any budget.

1. Animation Is Perfectly Perceived by Viewers

Known fact: people receive 85% of the information through vision. Due to its clarity and structure, clever animation makes even complex information easy to understand. The high-quality animated video for business is like a great photo: it is enough to look at it for a few seconds to realize what is presented.

As a result, animation increases conversion. Research by Unbounce confirms that the use of animation in video marketing can increase conversion by 20%!

2. Animation Draws Attention

Animation has the potential for greater reach. As an example, information presented in graphic form quickly attracts attention and holds it longer thanks to bright colors and visual effects. In current times, people are not focusing on something for a long time. Instead, they tend to jump from site to site every few seconds. This is a significant argument in favor of animation. Animated video advertising is able to bring images, text, and action together.

Here is a great example of an engaging, attention retaining animated video:

3. Animated Video is Easy to Understand

Animated video ads provide information in the simplest way. With its help, you can translate any idea into reality: create any characters, make them fly, travel through time, and so on. Researchers at the University of Minnesota concluded that presentations using visual support and graphic elements like animation are 43% more persuasive. Thus, animation gives you a perfect way to show difficult mechanisms and processes while holding onto your audience’s attention.

4. Animation is a Great Way to Save Money on Marketing

Another great benefit, is that many marketers and video creators believe that animation can be a smart budget option for video marketing. Why? Animation does not require anything other than skills and animation video software. You do not need a camera, film set, actors and other staff. Professional video with all of the above components can cost thousands of dollars, but an animated video can save a lot in your marketing budget.

animated video for business

Image Credit: Digital Brew

5. Animation Has no Limits

To profile a the way a product or service works, marketers often use animation in explainer videos. It’s no wonder because with animation, it is possible to easily describe the benefits of a product. It’s also possible to create a full animated video presentation, provide recipes, or most anything else. So, all that is impossible in text and video is possible with animation!

Are Animation Videos the Right Video Marketing Tools for You?

As expected, animation videos for businesses provide a huge number of advantages. It is easy to watch, it is attractive and provides information in the simplest way. In addition, animation in video marketing is a great way to save on advertising costs. Most noteworthy, is the fact that while saving you money, the content quality is improved.

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