How to Host a Product Launch Event: The 2018 Guide

how to host a product launch event

Knowing how to host a product launch event is essential to get your product out there. Events are flawless mechanisms to promote a new product. Hosting a product launch event can bring any product marketing strategy from zero to hero. If you want to learn how to host a product launch event for your business, check out the guide below.

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Phase #1: Planning

Event Planning Checklist

event planning checklist how to host a product launch event

Planning Your Event

Every aspect of an event should have a Plan A and a potential Plan B. Why? Preparation is essential for a successful event! Flakes and fall-throughs are common in the event industry for one reason or another.

Instead of risking an embarrassing and hectic product launch event, simply create an alternate plan if one of your services falls through. You only get one shot to launch a new product, so you want to do it right!

For example, let’s say you plan an activity for your attendees to try out your new product. Do you need to create an alternate plan in case of a power outage? What if your prototype is a fluke? Do you have another functional product or two to cover it? Go through all of the possible worst-case scenarios, however tedious, to ensure a successful event.

Creating a Budget

If you don’t have room in your budget for one of the categories in the checklist, then mark your budget as $0. You can always consider looking into free solutions.

For example, maybe a speaker would donate catering in return for the opportunity to speak at your event. Or, you could donate a prototype of your new product in return for equipment or furniture for your event.

For more tips on how to create an event budget for a product launch event, read below:

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Phase #2: Marketing

After you have planned your event, it’s time to build an audience. Your marketing strategy may depend on whether you host a free event or choose to sell tickets to your event. Follow the steps below to learn the where’s and how’s of product launch event marketing.

1. Where to host your product launch event.

Hosting an event online and promoting an event online are two different things. You should host your event on only one website. This is where you will collect all of your registrations, RSVP’s, ticket sales, and so on.

The internet is home to hundreds of event indexes, registration platforms, and ticketing websites. How do you choose one to host your event on?

Consider looking up some popular event hosting platforms, such as Eventbrite or Facebook. Choose one that is most suitable for your upcoming product launch, then create an appealing and informative event page.

Some event platforms allow you to index your event without necessarily creating a page for registration and ticket sales. Indexing your event on a few location-relevant platforms can help get you more exposure.

2. Where to promote your product launch event.

how to host a product launch event

Your promotion should still be a centralized effort. However, you can promote on a variety of platforms, including social media, paid ads, videos, apps, event platforms, and your own website or blog. Websites like Kickstarter are perfect for finding people who are interested in new products.

Include the link to your event page wherever you promote your event. Once your followers see your event, they can click on the link and register on the main hosting platform. This also allows you to see where you get the most leads, conversions, and clicks from.

Wherever you promote your event, make sure you reach your target audience! Promoting your event on every single social media platform out there is inefficient. Instead, focus your promotion efforts on your target social networks. Create a list of the main platforms you plan to market your event on.

3. How to promote product launch event.

Now that you know how to host a product launch event, let’s promote it. Oftentimes (not always), an event promotes itself. Organic marketing and event marketing are almost synonyms because people are naturally drawn to events in their local area.

Furthermore, the more exciting you make your event, the more registrations you are bound to get. You can make your event exciting with fresh activities, special guests, and more.

One of the most fundamental tools for marketing a product launch event is promotional content. Videos are the most effective medium for driving registrations. Creating an event promo video doesn’t have to be a costly undertaking, either. Check the tips below to get started with your event video marketing plan:

10 Tips to Save Money on Event Video Production

Phase #3: Execution

Your planning is complete, now let’s move on to the actual execution of the event. Planning is essential for proper execution of the event. Make sure you are prepared to handle a product launch of this scale.

1. At the Event

A product launch event is the perfect interactive marketing opportunity. At the event, develop relationships with your guests. Make sure your staff is friendly. Get to know your guests, and collect their information to generate leads and sales.

Most likely, this isn’t the first event that your guests have been to. So, make your brand stand out. What sets your event apart from other product launches? What do you have to offer that is tangibly valuable and mentally stimulating?

2. After the Event

how to host a product launch event

Your product launch campaign should not end at the conclusion of your event. Instead, keep the fire going afterwards. Create another promotional video to show how much fun your event was.

Contact your attendees soon after the event to secure sales. Keep these relationships going. Ask them to share your promotional event video if they enjoyed the event. Send them a short survey or poll to learn what they did and didn’t like about your product launch. After your launch, continue your product marketing campaign.

3. Reevaluate

When first learning how to host a product launch event, marketing isn’t always easy. Every event marketing strategy can use improvement. You should always try to find ways to make your event more cutting-edge and more effective.

After the event, look back at your analytics and determine where your marketing strategy went well. Where did you generate the most registrations from? Were paid ads worth it?

If your event didn’t sell out, figure out why. Did you promote on the right platforms? Did your event provide enough value to the potential audience?


Now that you know how to host a product launch event, it’s time to take action. Planning how to host a product launch event will make an impact in your business like you’ve never seen before. Remember to focus your efforts on targeted marketing so your event can sell out.

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