Twitter Event Marketing: 3 Insights from Event Professionals

twitter event marketing

Event marketing on Twitter is more popular than you may think. With the use of unique hashtags, live video, and more, Twitter is the perfect atmosphere to promote any event. Among all the social networks for event marketing, Twitter event marketing is the best for tracking your campaign with hashtags.

But don’t just take my word for it. Several other event marketing professionals agree—Twitter event promotion is a worthwhile pursuit for anyone looking to market an event.

3 Experts’ Advice on Marketing an Event on Twitter

1. Dewi Eirig Jones • Twitter

twitter event marketing

My way of starting a Twitter campaign is when your venue has been confirmed you launch the event on Twitter. Then as exhibitors, speakers, sponsors, etc. are confirmed you announce them in turn. It’s important that you tag their Twitter handles so that they can retweet and share to their followers which, in turn, should create more sales.

People love to be nosey, it’s human nature, so sharing any behind the scenes photos will help to create a buzz around and event. Show the event being setup; it helps people to visualise your event within the venue.

During the event show crowds of people, never share pictures of an event without a crowd or people will not turn up. To create visuals I would recommend using Canva for images and Ripl for videos. Visuals are extremely important because they catch the eye.

I believe the biggest drawback for using Twitter for event promotion is that the targeting of their advertising platform is far too broad. Facebook advertising wins every time when it comes to paid promotion.

Key Takeaways

  • Create an event atmosphere on Twitter.
  • Twitter is a great launching platform to start your event. However, for targeted promotion, Facebook may be a better option.

2. Paul Heil • LinkedIn

twitter event marketing

When it comes to social media activity for your events, Twitter stands at the forefront as a key tool for pre, live & post attendee engagement. Eventbrite continues to provide damning evidence to this with supportive statistics on such event activities via Twitter. But effective Twitter event marketing is not a thing that happens by chance, rather it is a thing that happens by planning and execution.

That said, there are simple ways to ensure your event gains the traction it needs on Twitter. First and foremost you should create a unique event hashtag to associate with all your postings. You can encourage event participants to engage with your event community pre event with use of the event hashtag in their posts.

But with 42% of event twitter posts take place during the event itself, according to Eventbrite, live tweeting at your event is indeed a must. Its not enough to just assume this activity, it take meticulous forethought to ensure the success of such.

Pre event you should promote and include your event hashtag in all materials, on the event website, and in your organiser signature/emails. Live event be sure to include your event hashtag on your participant badges or the event programs.

Create and share informative slides to encourage live tweeting throughout the event or even potentially share a live tweet wall. And most importantly make sure your event moderator reminds and encourages participants to share Tweets using the event hashtag throughout the event.

You can even consider gamifying such activities by awarding the most active Tweeter near the conclusion of your event in order to give them recognition for their social media event support. And finally be sure to keep the social media waves rolling post event by sharing event recaps and sharing event photos or videos after event.

Key Takeaways

  • Take advantage of hashtags. Twitter is the birthplace of hashtags, and they can work wonders in your marketing strategy.
  • Use Twitter as a live event marketing platform. Perhaps this is where Twitter event marketing efforts are best focused.

3. Melissa Saunders • LinkedIn

twitter event marketingWhen you start using Twitter, choose a handle (account name) and a hashtag that is as close to your event name as possible so it’s easy for people to find and tag you. Also check no one else is using your hashtag already.

Limit your tweets to one key message per tweet, don’t feel compelled to use all 280 characters if 120 will do and vary the nature of your tweets so they’re not all saying directly “please buy tickets.”

Instead, give people reasons to attend/exhibit/sponsor depending on who you’re targeting by providing them with content updates such as speaker details, exhibitor lists, special guest announcements, networking opportunities, event exclusives/first looks and feature details as they’re confirmed.

Tweet frequently as your post will usually have a half life of minutes and don’t be afraid to repeat tweets as people generally tune in and out of Twitter. Link to a range of rich media including as videos, press releases, images, infographics, interviews and podcasts so you’re giving followers variety.

Key Takeaways from Melissa’s Take on Twitter Event Marketing:

  • Use visuals to stir up conversation. Use videos, images, GIFs, polls, and more on Twitter to draw attention to your event.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Twitter is not a blogging atmosphere—if your tweets are too lengthy, they will be ignored!


Event marketing on Twitter definitely adds value to any business. It is an effective way to secure attendees, build your brand recognition, and share your event videos. If you plan on starting your Twitter event marketing campaign, remember the tips above. Happy marketing!

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